DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances..


DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances…. and guess what..Im on the list.. It is an Honor and a Joy to have been asked to be a guest artist for the DLP 2015 …and here […] more

#AJWChallenge #2 Sketch a Favorite Book

2015-01-02 10.14.20

‪#‎AJWchallenge‬ #2 Sketch a Favorite Book  .. Palma Rea’s Creative Challenge for 2015 ..One of my favorite books..it changed my life..pencil,ink, Copic marker and a little watercolor on 140lb paper in my handmade journal .. from […] more

#AJWchallenge .#1 Something I should throw away, but I keep..


‪#‎AJWchallenge‬ #1.. Palma Rea’s Creative Challenge for 2015 .. I should get rid of these flailing houseplants..I dont really have a green thumb..but I will not..I am determined to save them..ink on 140lb paper  from […] more

Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art

2014-12-28 12.28.01

Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art..that is actually how I got into the business of art, about 8 years ago..I was swapping art cards..both prints and originals and then I saw on Ebay how […] more

Simple binding for your handmade journals

2014-11-11 11.44.13

So I love making handmade art journals..but I really dont enjoy any kind of complicated stitching technique..its just not my thing…in other words, I dont love doing it.  Ive tried a few different stitches..the coptic […] more

Less than perfect…….


So I was just reading a FB post by the lovely artist Gina Lee Kim, about sharing your imperfect work as well..for inspiring others.. Great post and really great concept Gina..I feel like I really would […] more

For a limited time I am offering original ACEO cards for auction on Ebay


For a limited time I am offering original ACEO cards for auction on Ebay..and a few black and white ink to color on 140 watercolor paper  http://www.ebay.com/usr/robinmeaddesigns     Inspire Others more

The making of my Documented life Journal Cover for 2015

2014-11-10 18.57.47

The making of my Documented Life Journal Cover for 2015 ..My Beautiful Mess..!.This started out being a junk journal..but I decided to use it for the 2015 Documented Life Project when I realized that this […] more

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Betty Franks Krause of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media


“Technique of the Week”..featuring Betty Franks Krause of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media I have known Betty Franks of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media Art  for quite some time and have loved seeing her colorful and inspiring mixed […] more

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Renee Stien..


“Technique of the Week”..featuring Renee Stien.. Renee Stien lives in central Minnesota. She is an empty-nester who stumbled onto the mixed media world about 6 years ago and has been soaking up all the information […] more

Print of the Day..is “Today is a Gift”


Today’s print of the day is “Today is a Gift”…. 8 x 10 inch .. $12.00.. Free shipping to US (international please inquire within )..message or email me with your email at robinannmead@gmail.com if interested […] more

“Technique of the Week”..simple watercolor blending


“Technique of the Week”..simple watercolor blending Inspire Others more

*Newsflash*…Creating is available to all of us..!


Im going out on a limb here..but I feel I must reiterate some wise words that were posted a short while back from a very creative and wise artist..For those of you who feel that […] more

“Technique of the Week” featuring Iris Fritschi-Cussens


Iris is a wonderful Mixed Media artist that shares many wonderful techniques on her You Tube channel. I found Iris by seeing some of her videos on Facebook..and quickly looked up some of her other […] more

Technique of the Week with Lizzy Wurmann


Todays “Technique of the Week ” Artist is the talented Lizzy Wurmann I havent known Lizzy for a very long time but became so inspired by her wonderful and creative videos on You Tube. Lizzy is a […] more

Some new designs for a rubber stamp line….


Some new designs for a rubber stamp line….I couldnt resist adding color to the dragonfly..I really love them but rarely draw or paint them..I’m not sure why..but that will change..Lol..I plan on making a bunch […] more

“Technique of the Week” featuring the wonderful and super creative Tammy Garcia of “Daisy Yellow” blog


So I  am so thrilled that Tammy  is the  first artist opening for “Technique of the Week”..Why..? you may ask..Well..it could be because of her amazing talent for instilling the creative spirit..or inspiring  you when […] more

All of my ICAD’s….


…here are all of my Index cards in one place..I love to see them together..it makes me feel accomplished, creative and satisfied..Thank you Tammy for your wonderful blog and inspirational  challenges..!. ICAD 2014 Inspire Others more

The Palette Knife Video..


The Palette Knife..On Canvas   Inspire Others more

ICAD Guest Post… Collage


ICAD 2014 Hey There everyone..So I chose  collage to do for my card today. …this collage has something in it from my first 10 cards for ICAD..plus a little extra. It has cut pieces from scraps […] more

Reuse old scraps and cardboard to create Handmade art journals..with Duck Tape


Reuse old scraps and cardboard to create Handmade art journals..with Duck Tape Inspire Others more

Use your Gelli Plate to print on sticker paper..


Use your Gelli Plate to print on sticker paper..     Inspire Others more

Handmade eraser stamps


    Just a sample of my handmade dollar store eraser stamps, and what you need to create them.. see more about handmade stamps in my online class Make Your Mark herehttps://coursecraft.net/courses/z9Nn8/splash Cheap Erasers Exacto […] more

Everyone..Join ICAD Index Card A DAY


Everyone…!!.Join ICAD ICAD 1  Icad 2 Index Card A DAY HERE: It is Fun Creative Inspiring Simple Interesting Joyful Calming Entertaining Stimulating Relaxing Artistic Mind-Stretching …Ill be back with pictures soon.. Bye Bye..go join in […] more

Trying my hand at palette knife painting..


Trying my hand at using a palette knife…I really loved it…its fun spreading the paint like frosting , but even more fun seeing the unexpected surprises of the blends you get when combing  colors layered […] more

a little something Im working on…


a little something Im working on..what will it be..? Inspire Others more

Who wants to win these Gel pens..?

photo (4)

Who wants to win these Gel pens..?   If you would like to be in the running to win these Gel pens..Sparkling, Metallic and Fluorescent..please leave a comment in the comment section below telling what […] more

..”Make Your Mark”..My new Online workshop begins next Saturday march 15th


Make Your Mark #makeyourmark My first Online workshop..!! This course  #Makeyourmark is a beginner class that will introduce you to line, shape, pattern and color. You do not need any more than a desire to create […] more

Working on some mail art


Mail art is just that..its snail mail that you decorate, create, adorn, design..and it goes in the mail to a lucky recipient…Inside you can add goodies…like more art or papers, tidbits, stencils, stickers, cards, tapes, […] more

Just a little Ipadart…. loved the blue in this ….Spring Dance

spring dance

Spring Dance..I may add some butterflies to this.. Inspire Others more

Inspired by a gorgeous art journal…


I saw this journal on Pinterest and just fell in love with it…I can only see the cover but am in love  with  the style in which it is done..it is created by Francoise Melzani […] more

Some random journal pages


These are some random journal pages from various handmade and store bought journals.  Some include gelli plate pages and digitally altered art pieces or doodles..Sometimes I create something on paper and scan it into the […] more

Making some handmade duct tape artjournals with repurposed prints..


I ruined some prints today while printing..and decided to make some duct tape art journals…I started with 2 pieces of 8 x 8 cardboard and some colored duct tape I taped the back and front […] more

My Documented Life Journal


Im so glad I joined this group…it is really making me stay with my 2014 journal…something that I always wanted to do but never have in the past. I dont know exactly what it is, […] more

I’ve been totally addicted to crocheting


I think it’s because my art  supplies are still packed up and my yarn bag is easily accessible and simple to just open and use…also to bring with me.  I was looking on Pinterest and […] more

From NY to GA..would you believe im still not settled in


  We moved from New York to Georgia on September 30th..but weve been staying with my daughter and Hubby in the house they bought..our house was being designed and built and we will be moving […] more

Im participating in the Documented Life project…Fun and Inspiring..!


The Documented Life Project One part planner plus one part art journal and one part weekly challenge equals an amazing year of organization, inspiration and community. Join us for the Documented Life Project. Starting January […] more

Organic gardening with acrylic..because I dont have a green thumb..

2013-04-06 20.02.42

..but I do have many fingers with paint and glue on them…this is a mixed media collage with papers from my gelli prints and leftover journal pages.  I sold this a couple of months ago […] more

New Mixed Media Art


Hi everyone..Ive been away for a while, packing and moving to Georgia…where the weather is warm and the people are warmer.. just started creating again…and am so happy with my new inspirations..!Ive really just been […] more

Just Be..mixed media bird, colorful collage

just be222good

“Just Be”.. mixed media bird, colorful collage..I did this  while on the road with my Ipad..I love technology..!       Inspire Others more

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