Art Supply Mandala

Art Supply Mandala…Create your own Art Supply Mandala..and share on your FB page..then come back and comment here with link( and full name and email address) to let me know..Be entered to win a 5 x 7 Handmade Art journal made with some of these pages..Winner will be picked on April 1st..Enjoy..!


The Documented Life Project ..Making Your Mark (Marks and Doodles)

The Documented Life Project

      First… A HaPpY BiRtHdAY to Lorraine Conte Bell..!!

Hi everyone..I just want to say how grateful I feel to be a part of this amazing group, and honored to have been asked to participate as a featured artist..  Thank you Art to the 5th and all of you wonderful artists and journalers’ who light up my Facebook feed daily..!

 This months theme is MAKING YOUR MARK (MARKS & DOODLES).

The art challenge for this week is AS A LAYER ELEMENT

and the prompt is SURVIVING THE ELEMENTS.


…so as many of you know..I would not survive without my doodles, lines and shapes..I think they become a part of every piece I create..either with with pen, marker, handmade stamps or a paintbrush.  Using your doodles and personal marks adds interest, detail and another layer to  build upon. Making marks is just a way to calm my mind, empty my thoughts and begin a creation..  I love doodles, lines and shapes so much that I  created an online workshop called  Make Your Mark   in March 2014 that focuses on line, shape, color..and doodles.


First I doodled with permanent ink all over the can be anything..handwriting, faces, houses..whatever your favorite mark making consists could also be scribble or just line designs as well. I usually choose flowers as my  main theme for making marks.  I just love how you can design your own or work from nature…and there is just so much you can do with floral or garden themes.  When I’m  done filling the page with marks..I cover with a light layer of cover up a little of the ink and to add a nice texture to the pages.



Here I just took some watercolor and added some blocks of color and marks with my brush, just to add some color and to give a little detail and texture..


Next I turned the journal upside down and added very dense  watercolor (using a brush filled with color and water) and went along the top of the page pressing very hard with the brush so the excess water and color would start to run and drip down the pages. If it didn’t drip as I wanted it to..I spritzed with a little water from a spray bottle. I used some greens and blues to portray vines in a wild garden.


..then I let it sit for a bit until it dried.





Next I took some mixed media paper that I had added marks on with  handmade eraser stamps, doodles and other papers where I used a brayer to add colors…..and cut the paper into leaves, pods, petals and flowers for collage elements and as another layer…because marks, doodles and layers are a necessity..!:)


Turning the journal right side up….I added some of the  shapes  to create a wild garden scene…


..I just used a glue stick to glue pieces down, but you can use any medium you like…notice the ethereal feel of the dripped watercolor after it has dried…





I randomly cut out shapes and added where I liked..mostly looking for contrast in color..but also to cover up a spot I may not like..or just to  add interest..Of course one of my favorite parts is how the drips have dried over the doodles beneath and the contrast of the colorful papers..


Next I took my brush and paint markers and added in details to form some ferns, vines, and other marks to add to the garden feel. It definitely needed some black as well to distract from all of the colors…and to add some definition and detail to the page.




and I used a light wash of pale yellow to the sky portion…and actually after seeing the before pics..decided I liked it white rather than yellow..but for now I am leaving it..


..and added paint to create some ferns and leaves..



..and details of flowers and buds..As you can see, I really did’nt use any fine drawing skills here..but more of a collection of some of my favorite marks and shapes to create a garden feel. When you have a bunch of favorite shapes or doodles… you can really practice them and become very good at recalling them in a moment..and use them to create all sorts of scenes, images, designs and backgrounds that are made primarily of simple lines and shapes..






…a few up close pics as well as where I added my journaling about layers and making is what I wrote….

“My elements are lines, marks, and special shapes that Ive created myself…that I enjoy making and that calm me… How and where I gather them together is unique to me and fills some need when I make them..for me it is an emotional thing..but also provides a physical experience..It satisfies a need to create, a need to control, a need to design, a need to grow..For me every time I pick up a pen..I come to life..inside I feel that there is nothing I cant make ..or create..” 







Thank you all so much for looking and visiting here..


To be entered just leave a comment below, and  “Like” my FB Page Here

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(Examples in  photo below)


I  try to update at least weekly, so feel free to come and visit any time..! (below is a tutorial on how I created my DLP Cityscape as well ..if you would like to see..)

Have a wonderful day and Ill see you all  at DLP 2015

How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 2..week 5

How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 2..week 5 (Part 1 Here)


20150201_112013 I am just adding a few shades of blue craft paint and blending a bit


20150201_111751 a layer of paint, and then wipe some off…




now Im adding some more paint..a different color and  a different brand..this is Golden Liquid has a much higher pigment content, and a little goes a very long is also not as much of a “matt” finish so it will add to the luster of the sky..


..I squirted a bit of water onto the page..

2015-02-01 13.53.15


now I swill continue adding some more layers of blues..and a bit of purple and..continue wiping off and adding more paint until I get the color that I like..



2015-02-01 13.52.54

now I will add some acrylic gloss medium to the wet paint…

2015-02-01 13.52.20

and blend it in with my finger..

2015-02-01 13.50.33

2015-02-01 13.50.50

2015-02-01 13.51.16

..I will continue on to the other side making it a bit lighter  on the left as that is the sunrise side…I also journaled about what lies beneath each of us and our this point it is  still needing more layers of blues….but sometimes I work on other parts and go back to the layers..




after more layers of blue I will begin adding some details on the buildings..and the sky..

How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 1..week 5

How I created my DLP  from Art To The 5th… Cityscape..Part 1 ..

2015-02-01 13.40.43

city1 I started with a full spread in my journal


…doodle all over the page..I chose flowers and leaves because that is what I love to doodle..but you can choose any marks you enjoy making..lines and swirls, or dots and circles….or faces..or houses  etc…anything you enjoy creating that will make it totally yours..your personal touch..!



then I gathered some gesso and paints..



..and I covered my page with random paints…


..i then took some papers I made with my handmade eraser stamps..and I will use these to cut my building shapes..



..I cut all different shapes..tall and short…wider and thinner..and laid them out in a pattern that I liked..


..I covered some with thin coats of paint..details will come later..



..then I gathered some shades of blue for the sky..


and started to mix and blend the color together..stay tuned for part 2 on Monday..!


DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances..


DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances…. and guess what..Im on the list..

It is an Honor and a Joy to have been asked to be a guest artist for the DLP 2015 …and here is the list of all of the other Guest Artists…Wooo Hoo..very exciting indeed..! Thanks so much to the Art to the 5th Team ..You Are Awesome..!


#AJWChallenge #2 Sketch a Favorite Book

‪#‎AJWchallenge‬ #2 Sketch a Favorite Book  .. Palma Rea’s Creative Challenge for 2015 ..One of my favorite changed my life..pencil,ink, Copic marker and a little watercolor on 140lb paper in my handmade journal .. from palmas blog  A Creative journey

2015-01-02 10.14.20

#AJWchallenge .#1 Something I should throw away, but I keep..

‪#‎AJWchallenge‬ #1.. Palma Rea’s Creative Challenge for 2015 .. I should get rid of these flailing houseplants..I dont really have a green thumb..but I will not..I am determined to save on 140lb paper  from Palma Rea  A Creative Journey Blog


Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art

Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art..that is actually how I got into the business of art, about 8 years ago..I was swapping art cards..both prints and originals and then I saw on Ebay how they were being sold…hundreds a I this would be fun and it could really supplement my income and pay for my art supplies..Lolol..little did I know that it would turn into a full business..well not just art cards but selling my creations and starting a business. Never would I have thought that I would make a living or earn money as an artist.  But the truth is..that is how it started for me..with little 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards (either I cut my own from 140 lb watercolor paper) or you can buy from Inchie Arts (they are very high quality and very miniature canvas boards..I love Em).  I love small format art and its easy “takealongability”..and quick turnout..especially for someone like me who gets bored and easliy distracted..i love to change up things daily and that is why small format art is are a few Im working on again…Ive had some request for these and its been a few years since I created any new ones..

2014-12-28 12.28.01

most of the time I just create with ink and watercolor or liquid acrylics..and sometimes watercolor pencils as well..I always need to wear my glasses and sit very close to the about 7 inches from the table top..I do very intricate marks and lately its been a little harder to see these fine lines.. Lol …you can use anything you like to create these..collage, thick paint. pencil..just ink.. Gelli Plate give it a try..and share your pieces on my page at  …I’d love to see what you come up with..maybe we can do a swap if you like..!

here are some from years ago:





Simple binding for your handmade journals

So I love making handmade art journals..but I really dont enjoy any kind of complicated stitching technique..its just not my thing…in other words, I dont love doing it.  Ive tried a few different stitches..the coptic was one  and it took me many times to get it right..I love how it turned out but I guess due to time constraints, I just would rather do a simple stitch..and with all of the journals Ive made..Ive never had one fall apart or even loosen up over the years so ..I am content with this easy pamphlet stitch to keep my handmade journals together forever..Lolol.. You can  add a few extra holes according to the size of your journal..this one is very large..12 x 14..but I just chose the 2 holes for the purpose of the video..and keeping it simple..This journal will be my 2015 Documented Life Journal is made with 140 lb watercolor paper and some heavy cardboard for the covers ..I have a video here on how I made the cover


Less than perfect…….

So I was just reading a FB post by the lovely artist Gina Lee Kim, about sharing your imperfect work as well..for inspiring others.. Great post and really great concept Gina..I feel like I really would like to share many more of the pieces that are imperfect or undone or especially unattractive to me.  What a great way to show that we all struggle in one way or another with our art, or our process and that it isnt always beautiful  or appealing.  I have drawers and stacks of things that for one reason or another have been put aside or discarded …out of sight..out of mind… Im going to share a few of these recluse pieces with you alll…Ahhhh what fun..! are just a few..i think I may make this a monthly post…

a mixed media collage canvas…..dont like it at all..its been sitting quite a while..soon I will work on it



paint and collage on wood..I liked it when I started but now am not happy with has potential though..instead of covering the whole thing I will progably just add to it and cover some parts..



..Im so bored doing faces now…I thought I could attempt something interesting..but halfway through ..said..Nahhhh..I used to do portraits all the time..but now no interest whatsoever..



..kinda fun..but cant make it appealing to me…definitely a cover up is needed..




For a limited time I am offering original ACEO cards for auction on Ebay

For a limited time I am offering original ACEO cards for auction on Ebay..and a few black and white ink to color on 140 watercolor paper


bloom free

flora 1w


flora2w prettybirdw


The making of my Documented life Journal Cover for 2015

The making of my Documented Life Journal Cover for 2015 ..My Beautiful Mess..!.This started out being a junk journal..but I decided to use it for the 2015 Documented Life Project when I realized that this large size of 12 x 14.5 inches would really suit my needs for the DLP…so I added more now has 56 pages..!

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Betty Franks Krause of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Betty Franks Krause of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media

I have known Betty Franks of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media Art  for quite some time and have loved seeing her colorful and inspiring mixed media creations pop up on my feed and bring joy each day. Betty has been so generous in her sharing of techniques and offers wonderful step by step tutorials, with great pictures on her Mystic Tulip FB Page. Betty has also added wonderful video tutorials and always has a unique and fun idea to share..!I know that my FB timeline lights up when Betty’s art appears.


I was both honored and thrilled to be asked by Robin Mead to be a guest artist on her blog:

In this video I show you how to use wallpaper samples to create wonderful textures and markings to use in your backgrounds or as a final step in your mixed media art.

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Renee Stien..

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Renee Stien..

Renee Stien lives in central Minnesota. She is an empty-nester who stumbled onto the mixed media world about 6 years ago and has been soaking up all the information she can ever since.I met Renee through the fun and fabulous ICAD challenge from Tammy Garcia on Daisy Yellow Blog.  When I saw Renee’s techniques and colorful whimsical style I knew I had to watch her videos.  She shares many techniques that I had never used before and her unique ideas really pop on a page. I love her use of color and details that create a vibrant and joyful feast for the eyes. 

Renee’s Blog

The Tin Goat

Spray Color and Gesso Background

Print of the “Today is a Gift”


Today’s print of the day is “Today is a Gift”…. 8 x 10 inch .. $12.00.. Free shipping to US (international please inquire within )..message or email me with your email at if interested and be entered to win a handmade art journal of the month..!Enjoy..!

“Technique of the Week”..simple watercolor blending

“Technique of the Week”..simple watercolor blending


*Newsflash*…Creating is available to all of us..!


Im going out on a limb here..but I feel I must reiterate some wise words that were posted a short while back from a very creative and wise artist..For those of you who feel that you cant grasp creating beautiful art if you don’t partake in an expensive workshop..or buy the most expensive supply’s, are as far from the truth as you can get..You don’t need high cost’s or teachers to create art..

You don’t need to compare and compete to fill your page/canvas with meaning or  joy..You need to have a love of creating..a desire to grow..the confidence to make mistakes..and the determination to seek out and observe all of the inspiration around you..Of course there  are special techniques and tools that enhance the process..But they are unnecessary to be an artist….Dont be mislead by promises or secrets that only a few claim to know..

We all have access to experimentation and that along with practice is the real key..Paint, Draw, Collage Journal..etc…whatever it is you love to do..keep doing it..and then when you feel comfortable, try something new..explore, investigate, observe and attempt an unknown around and stretch your creative muscle.  Unlocking your own creative potential resides within you…it comes from a desire to create and not from an unattainable (unaffordable) mystery or mentor.

“Technique of the Week” featuring Iris Fritschi-Cussens


Iris is a wonderful Mixed Media artist that shares many wonderful techniques on her You Tube channel. I found Iris by seeing some of her videos on Facebook..and quickly looked up some of her other videos.  She has a gift for sharing new and unique ideas and techniques and I always walk away inspired.

My name is Iris, I am a London-based mixed media artist. I live in the heart of London with my beautiful family (husband, 2 boys & 1 cat).

I am passionate about mixed media art, art journaling and inspiring people to be free to create the way they are meant to create and shine the way they are meant to shine! Self-actualisation & (female) empowerment through art is something very close to my heart and I can talk about it for hours!

My art includes heavily textured backgrounds, bright colours, shabby & grungy elements, uplifting or inspiring phrases, faces & cute girls. (this is always changing as I discover new and exciting techniques and ways of pushing my style forward!)

My site & blog are at

Technique of the Week with Lizzy Wurmann


Todays “Technique of the Week ” Artist is the talented Lizzy Wurmann I havent known Lizzy for a very long time but became so inspired by her wonderful and creative videos on You Tube. Lizzy is a scrapbooking artist and uses a colorful and vibrant palette to create whimsical and unique artwork.  Lizzy also demonstrates amazing  techniques that Ive never seen before. Im so glad Ive gotten to know Lizzy..Enjoy her awesome technique..! Lizzy will also have a photo demonstration on her blog if you do not know what an embossing folder is.  I did not know about what they were or how they are used..but now that I do..Ill be shopping for some..they are a cool and fabulous tool for making designs and textures…so if you are like me, click on over to her blog after the video  to see a little demonstration on how to utilize embossing folders.

Hi , My name is Lizzy and I’m from Santiago, Chile. I’m a mom of three kids. Daniela (30), Valentina (26 and Felipe (21). I’ve been scrapbooking since 2005. I started  as a digital scrapbooker and then I joined many DT’s (Doris Castle, Lawanna Dejardin, Michelle Shevland among others). I was published in Somerset Memories, Somerset Digital Studio, Digital Scrapbooking (CK Media)…

 In 2007 I started with traditional scrapbooking and now a days, I’m trying different techniques and styles and I’m in love with art journal and mixed media. I could say I have a free style,  sometimes quirky or abstract. I LOVE color, it inspires me to create.

 My blog:


Twitter: @LizzyWurmann

Instagram: lizzywurmann

My Gallery:

Thanks Robin!


here is a link to embossing folders and many things that can be done with them

Embossing Folders 

Some new designs for a rubber stamp line….

Some new designs for a rubber stamp line….I couldnt resist adding color to the dragonfly..I really love them but rarely draw or paint them..I’m not sure why..but that will change..Lol..I plan on making a bunch more..also some butterfly’s which I also rarely draw. There are so many options and combinations that can be done with beautiful insects and I cant wait to add more to my collection..!lightshinedarkerlinesmall




photo (48)flowersmall


“Technique of the Week” featuring the wonderful and super creative Tammy Garcia of “Daisy Yellow” blog

So I  am so thrilled that Tammy  is the  first artist opening for “Technique of the Week”..Why..? you may could be because of her amazing talent for instilling the creative spirit..or inspiring  you when you cant find your muse….or it could be her  knack for finding just the right prompt ,at just the right time….. Oooor it could be her genius in developing ICAD, so  everyone can join in on the creative fun…
……..but its a bit more than that.. Tammy  doesnt  try to sell you a  glamorous  view of how to become an artist.. she doesnt  promise deep intuitive  secrets of learning how to create …she never implies that she has the answer…but what she does do,  is encourage you to practice, experiment, explore and  define who you want to be as an artist…she  helps you to find your own lines ..and color outside of them…. Thank You Tammy….the world is a more joyful, creative and colorful place  because of you..and Daisy Yellow Blog!
from Tammy on Vimeo.
Thank you for inviting me to share an art journaling technique today. My favorite thing about art journaling? Aside from messing with paint and color and texture and… it doesn’t even need to be in an actual journal! I created this page on the heavy cardboard back of a wire-bound pad of watercolor paper. I hope that you try this easy background technique; it’s a layer of Golden heavy body acrylics that reminds me of the ocean. I went on a treasure hunt through a stack of magazines looking for little bouquets and vases of flowers and made a grid of flowers. Ideas for a gridded page include… blue items, things with patterns, paint chips, hats and blocks of text. Explore your magazines and assorted paper ephemera for fun things to use in your collage. The video tutorial runs about 7 minutes and there’s music, but you can turn it down and just watch if you prefer!
Tammy Garcia
twitter: gypsy999
instagram: gypsy999

All of my ICAD’s….

…here are all of my Index cards in one place..I love to see them makes me feel accomplished, creative and satisfied..Thank you Tammy for your wonderful blog and inspirational  challenges..!. ICAD 2014image


The Palette Knife Video..

ICAD Guest Post… Collage


ICAD 2014

Hey There everyone..So I chose  collage to do for my card today.

…this collage has something in it from my first 10 cards for a little extra.

It has cut pieces from scraps of other cards,

the paper towel from blotting my watercolor,

a few pieces of inchie,

some stamp leftover,

some line design paper…

some words and some sparkly glitter pieces,

some thread.. paint colors I used in other cards..

and a stamp from a handmade eraser stamp that says ICAD.

Do you know that collage  is very hard for me..that I sometimes avoid it altogether!.

Do you know that I am very uncomfortable making, thinking about , putting together and especially showing to others my collages..

Ive always thought my collages “stink’..and was envious of others doing it so naturally, having fun with it, enjoying rummaging through their stash,

figuring out what goes with what….and then ..having it come out so perfectly spectacular..

Well No More..I am healed from my Collage Affliction..Thanks to ICAD  2014..

I now see the fun in it..the joy of rummaging, the excitement of not knowing how it will look…the  anticipation of  “what can come next..

the pride when I hold the finished piece..and most importantly..the  satisfaction of not having to be perfect,  of making something that may not look good,

of doing something just for the joy of it..of doing something without control..

That is what ‘s great about ICAD. . its a playground for the heart, mind and soul..

its accepting,  its stimulating and its healing..thank you Tammy..!

my name is Robin…

…and  “I Am Artist”

..and I Love my collage..

Reuse old scraps and cardboard to create Handmade art journals..with Duck Tape

Reuse old scraps and cardboard to create Handmade art journals..with Duck Tape

bluej 016


newjs 037

pink 002

oppulent 001



Use your Gelli Plate to print on sticker paper..

Use your Gelli Plate to print on sticker paper..





Handmade eraser stamps




Just a sample of my handmade dollar store eraser stamps, and what you need to create them.. see more about handmade stamps in my online class Make Your Mark here

Cheap Erasers
Exacto knife
Linoleum cutter
Pen or pencil if you want to draw first
Colorful stamp pads..

Basically you just carve in designs of various lines or shapes, but you can also draw an image first..then carve. The linoleum cutter is a more exact tool to use for intricate designs such as leaves or curvy shapes.

Also they seem to last forever..Ive had some for years..Have fun carving..!



Everyone..Join ICAD Index Card A DAY

Everyone…!!.Join ICAD



 Icad 2icad2

Index Card A DAY


It is













…Ill be back with pictures soon..

Bye Bye..go join in now


Trying my hand at palette knife painting..

Trying my hand at using a palette knife…I really loved it…its fun spreading the paint like frosting , but even more fun seeing the unexpected surprises of the blends you get when combing  colors layered onto each other.  This was my first piece done completely with a palette knife..I’ve tried it on different pieces  as a small part but never the whole piece..I think I’ll be adding a few more..





a little something Im working on…

a little something Im working on..what will it be..?


Who wants to win these Gel pens..?

Who wants to win these Gel pens..?

photo (4)


If you would like to be in the running to win these Gel pens..Sparkling, Metallic and Fluorescent..please leave a comment in the comment section below telling what your favorite brand or favorite art supply is:..Next week I will put the names in a hat and pick a winner for this cool gel Pen set..

I say it closes on Saturday the 22nd of March..!

..”Make Your Mark”..My new Online workshop begins next Saturday march 15th

Make Your Mark


My first Online workshop..!!

This course  #Makeyourmark is a beginner class that will introduce you to line, shape, pattern and color. You do not need any more than a desire to create to take part in this class, oh and some supplies..! There is no right or wrong way to design your own creations, just a love of color and a need to integrate beauty into your life each day. Just have fun and learn a few techniques..dont worry about being perfect, or having to create a masterpiece.  These are just some skills that I love and incporporate into all of my is practice that will make you feel comfortable over time..dont expect to jump in a feel like you should already know what to do..!


Working on some mail art

Mail art is just that..its snail mail that you decorate, create, adorn, design..and it goes in the mail to a lucky recipient…Inside you can add goodies…like more art or papers, tidbits, stencils, stickers, cards, tapes, stamps, glitter..the list is endless….and it is so much fun…giving what you make…and getting from others…it is such a fun and creative way to express yourself and inspire others are a few of my mail art pieces..





photo-5 - Copy










Just a little Ipadart…. loved the blue in this ….Spring Dance

Spring Dance..I may add some butterflies to this..

spring dance

Inspired by a gorgeous art journal…

I saw this journal on Pinterest and just fell in love with it…I can only see the cover but am in love  with  the style in which it is is created by Francoise Melzani on flickr


…another gorgeous art journal inspiration is from Valerie Sjodin ..and here is my take on the gratitude journal..I created this in January of 2013….it has pages with cut edges and fold out sides  that you can write on and fold inward I knew I really wanted to have the cut edges on the cover of the journal…similar to what I have on my gratitude journal, but more like the journal by Francoise, above….

image                                                                                                          I cut my cardboard and pages using 140 lb watercolor paper and some file folders…there are six different pages all together and folded makes twelve…here is a bit of my process ….gesso inside covers

image                                                                                                                                            ……………….fold signatures

image                                                                                                                                                 …gesso the signature pages to give a little tooth to the smooth page….

imageimage                                                                                                                                                 use Gesso on a stamp to create texture






image                                                                                                                             fold pages into signature..maybe 3 or 4 to each signature..


image image image image image image

                                                                                                                                             .. sew in signatures and add embellishments


image                                                                                                                                                   …….add pages and  and highlight edges with stamp pad or marker




image                                                                                                                                                            ….paint and decorate cover


image                                                                                                                                              …finished cover and signatures, now may add some words and a bird..

Some random journal pages

These are some random journal pages from various handmade and store bought journals.  Some include gelli plate pages and digitally altered art pieces or doodles..Sometimes I create something on paper and scan it into the computer and add more color or alter existing color or detail…then I print it out and even may alter it again..or draw over it, around it or scribble on it.  Sometimes I will just add words or writing, but I usually always add a flower, bird or wave….

all 001











Making some handmade duct tape artjournals with repurposed prints..

I ruined some prints today while printing..and decided to make some duct tape art journals…I started with 2 pieces of 8 x 8 cardboard and some colored duct tape


I taped the back and front on the edge of cardboard



Then I added my art piece on the cover with a glue stick..I use a lot of glue and put it on very smoothly..


come back tomorrow to see the rest of the process…!

then to add the cut  paper the size of the journal as it is laid out flat…so actually double the page size…make as many pages as you like, and since they will be folded the number of pages will be double..

imageeach folded piece is called a signature..I put about 3 or 4 pieces within 1 signature..and in this particular journal I had 5 signatures with 3 pages in each one..




I filled the white signatures with different size and color pages for interest….you then need to poke holes through the duck tape binding…I use a template so the holes match my signatures..


all 005

all 009

all 010the tool is called an awl and it is very pointy with a nice handle..just use the tip to poke a hole in the duck tape wherever you  put the marking with your template..then use the template to mark the signatures and put the holes  through each page

bluej 015you sew through the binding and the signatures with bookbinding thread, ribbon or embroidery thread…you need the large embroidery needle if you are going to use the thread..if you use ribbon you can push it through with the awl…(there are many ways to book bind and if you Google that term you will find hundreds of styles and binding techniques..I prefer this one as it is just a basic stitch , is very strong, and makes it simple for can get as elaborate as you like and quite honestly there are so many binding styles and all are just gorgeous to look at..but for me this is the simple technique I use)

bluej 016

bluej 014


I just tie in the center and triple know the thread or ribbon…in this pic I used only 2 holes..Ive also used three and four


this one has three holes…it is an 8 x 8 journal so I felt that it need more..depending on how many signatures you will need to space the holes an adequate space apart on the duck tape..notice here how I divided up the space  for the holes on the duct tape, then added signatures accordingly

bluej 016

bluej 014


I cut the edges of my pages for interest and uniqueness…inspired by my friend Valerie Sjodin and her gorgeous embellished edge journals.


imageI added some fold in on the edge with fancy tape..and decorated it..

imageadded a pocket in the back for a few surprises..

imageI decorated some edges..and Im still not done yet i will add more journaling spots..fold outs..maybe an envelope or two…and whatever else may fancy me..If you have any questions please respond here in the comments section..I will get back to you ASAP..sorry I dont have any videos yet..I have tried to video and I dont really have a great setup, with good light or accessibility..Im working on it and as soon as I get set up in my house I will work on making video tutorials..Thank You so much..!




all 001here are some more pages that I add within a signature…these are gelli pages and I put them between 140 lb watercolor paper..I use that and bristol board, brown paper bag…cardstock, mixed media paper, and any paper you like including wrapping paper, ledger paper, line paper, old book pages,  etc..anything that you can fold and alter is perfect…!


My Documented Life Journal

Im so glad I joined this group…it is really making me stay with my 2014 journal…something that I always wanted to do but never have in the past. I dont know exactly what it is, the idea of it..the great  group members or the constant inspiration that keeps popping up in my browser, but all I know is that I love it and have so many ideas to fill my journal with. For my first week I drew a little house in Procreate on I pad because I felt like playing in it and was so tired I had to lay down, here is what I cam up with..not my fav piece of art but I love what it represents…

imageand here are some pics of week 2

doc..this is a pic from New Years eve before we went out to dinner…in an untraditional way..we ate came home, had a huge bonfire with neighbors and set of fireworks which is apparently a big tradition in Georgia..who knew…it was fun…both of my daughters’ hubby and bf were also with us but I used this photo as a family selfie..The spread is not actually what I had in mind ..again..but I like it and I know I will love it years from now when I look back..!..also I think my girls wuill love to have these momentos down the road…a mix of memory and art..!



I’ve been totally addicted to crocheting

I think it’s because my art  supplies are still packed up and my yarn bag is easily accessible and simple to just open and use…also to bring with me.  I was looking on Pinterest and found these really pretty creations called freeform crochet…I love that idea…just to start a project with no plan or pattern. Actually I rarely use a pattern unless I am making a garment such as a hat or cowl, but when creating an afghan or small purse or bag..I just begin with an are a few things I’ve been working on

imageA crochet rug from old tee much fun..and looks amazing when finished


..a multi colored rainbow afghan with many different stitches…may keep this one for myself..


freeform crochet purse..actually it is an iPad case


Blue green baby blanket for stroller..message me if you have questions about stitches or design…I’d be glad to help



From NY to GA..would you believe im still not settled in


We moved from New York to Georgia on September 30th..but weve been staying with my daughter and Hubby in the house they bought..our house was being designed and built and we will be moving in sometime soon..hopefully next week..or soon after.  It is all so exciting but the only downfall is that many of my supplies are still in boxes, some that I can access and others that I can not..I cant wait to get into the new house just so I can unload all of the colorful supplies and tools and be able to create non stop…and on a whim.  I am using one of the bedrooms as an art room…Ill share pics when I start the process..and I just cant wait to set up.     Here a few little drawings that Im ready to paint and play around with..cant find the darn watercolor pencils..

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