The Palette Knife Video..


The Palette Knife..On Canvas   Share with your friends more

ICAD Guest Post… Collage


ICAD 2014 Hey There everyone..So I chose  collage to do for my card today. …this collage has something in it from my first 10 cards for a little extra. It has cut pieces from scraps of other cards, the paper towel from blotting my watercolor, a few pieces of inchie, some stamp leftover, some line design paper… some words and some sparkly glitter pieces, some thread.. paint colors I used in other cards.. and a stamp from a handmade eraser stamp that says ICAD. Do you know that collage  is very hard for me..that I sometimes avoid it altogether!. Do […] more

Reuse old scraps and cardboard to create Handmade art journals..with Duck Tape


Reuse old scraps and cardboard to create Handmade art journals..with Duck Tape Share with your friends more

Use your Gelli Plate to print on sticker paper..


Use your Gelli Plate to print on sticker paper..     Share with your friends more

Handmade eraser stamps


    Just a sample of my handmade dollar store eraser stamps, and what you need to create them.. see more about handmade stamps in my online class Make Your Mark here Cheap Erasers Exacto knife Linoleum cutter Pen or pencil if you want to draw first Colorful stamp pads.. Basically you just carve in designs of various lines or shapes, but you can also draw an image first..then carve. The linoleum cutter is a more exact tool to use for intricate designs such as leaves or curvy shapes. Also they seem to last forever..Ive had some for years..Have fun […] more

Everyone..Join ICAD Index Card A DAY


Everyone…!!.Join ICAD ICAD 1  Icad 2 Index Card A DAY HERE: It is Fun Creative Inspiring Simple Interesting Joyful Calming Entertaining Stimulating Relaxing Artistic Mind-Stretching …Ill be back with pictures soon.. Bye Bye..go join in now   Share with your friends more

Trying my hand at palette knife painting..


Trying my hand at using a palette knife…I really loved it…its fun spreading the paint like frosting , but even more fun seeing the unexpected surprises of the blends you get when combing  colors layered onto each other.  This was my first piece done completely with a palette knife..I’ve tried it on different pieces  as a small part but never the whole piece..I think I’ll be adding a few more..     Share with your friends more

a little something Im working on…


a little something Im working on..what will it be..? Share with your friends more

Who wants to win these Gel pens..?

photo (4)

Who wants to win these Gel pens..?   If you would like to be in the running to win these Gel pens..Sparkling, Metallic and Fluorescent..please leave a comment in the comment section below telling what your favorite brand or favorite art supply is:..Next week I will put the names in a hat and pick a winner for this cool gel Pen set.. I say it closes on Saturday the 22nd of March..! Share with your friends more

..”Make Your Mark”..My new Online workshop begins next Saturday march 15th


Make Your Mark #makeyourmark My first Online workshop..!! This course  #Makeyourmark is a beginner class that will introduce you to line, shape, pattern and color. You do not need any more than a desire to create to take part in this class, oh and some supplies..! There is no right or wrong way to design your own creations, just a love of color and a need to integrate beauty into your life each day. Just have fun and learn a few techniques..dont worry about being perfect, or having to create a masterpiece.  These are just some skills that I love and incporporate […] more

Working on some mail art


Mail art is just that..its snail mail that you decorate, create, adorn, design..and it goes in the mail to a lucky recipient…Inside you can add goodies…like more art or papers, tidbits, stencils, stickers, cards, tapes, stamps, glitter..the list is endless….and it is so much fun…giving what you make…and getting from others…it is such a fun and creative way to express yourself and inspire others are a few of my mail art pieces..   Share with your friends more

Just a little Ipadart…. loved the blue in this ….Spring Dance

spring dance

Spring Dance..I may add some butterflies to this.. Share with your friends more

Inspired by a gorgeous art journal…


I saw this journal on Pinterest and just fell in love with it…I can only see the cover but am in love  with  the style in which it is is created by Francoise Melzani on flickr …another gorgeous art journal inspiration is from Valerie Sjodin ..and here is my take on the gratitude journal..I created this in January of 2013….it has pages with cut edges and fold out sides  that you can write on and fold inward I knew I really wanted to have the cut edges on the cover of the journal…similar to what I have on […] more

Some random journal pages


These are some random journal pages from various handmade and store bought journals.  Some include gelli plate pages and digitally altered art pieces or doodles..Sometimes I create something on paper and scan it into the computer and add more color or alter existing color or detail…then I print it out and even may alter it again..or draw over it, around it or scribble on it.  Sometimes I will just add words or writing, but I usually always add a flower, bird or wave….   Share with your friends more

Making some handmade duct tape artjournals with repurposed prints..


I ruined some prints today while printing..and decided to make some duct tape art journals…I started with 2 pieces of 8 x 8 cardboard and some colored duct tape I taped the back and front on the edge of cardboard Then I added my art piece on the cover with a glue stick..I use a lot of glue and put it on very smoothly.. come back tomorrow to see the rest of the process…! then to add the cut  paper the size of the journal as it is laid out flat…so actually double the page size…make as many pages […] more

My Documented Life Journal


Im so glad I joined this group…it is really making me stay with my 2014 journal…something that I always wanted to do but never have in the past. I dont know exactly what it is, the idea of it..the great  group members or the constant inspiration that keeps popping up in my browser, but all I know is that I love it and have so many ideas to fill my journal with. For my first week I drew a little house in Procreate on I pad because I felt like playing in it and was so tired I had to […] more

I’ve been totally addicted to crocheting


I think it’s because my art  supplies are still packed up and my yarn bag is easily accessible and simple to just open and use…also to bring with me.  I was looking on Pinterest and found these really pretty creations called freeform crochet…I love that idea…just to start a project with no plan or pattern. Actually I rarely use a pattern unless I am making a garment such as a hat or cowl, but when creating an afghan or small purse or bag..I just begin with an are a few things I’ve been working on A crochet rug from […] more

From NY to GA..would you believe im still not settled in


  We moved from New York to Georgia on September 30th..but weve been staying with my daughter and Hubby in the house they bought..our house was being designed and built and we will be moving in sometime soon..hopefully next week..or soon after.  It is all so exciting but the only downfall is that many of my supplies are still in boxes, some that I can access and others that I can not..I cant wait to get into the new house just so I can unload all of the colorful supplies and tools and be able to create non stop…and on […] more

Im participating in the Documented Life project…Fun and Inspiring..!


The Documented Life Project One part planner plus one part art journal and one part weekly challenge equals an amazing year of organization, inspiration and community. Join us for the Documented Life Project. Starting January 1, 2014, we* will issue weekly challenges on ways to use and decorate your planner to make it uniquely yours. Interpret the challenge in any way you desire or be inspired by our artists. Yes, this is free and open to everyone – artists, scrapbookers, calendar keepers, organization lovers, art journalers- yes, YOU! The *WE: Roben-Marie Roberts Smith, Lorraine Conte Bell, Rae Missigman, Barbara Copeland […] more

Organic gardening with acrylic..because I dont have a green thumb..

2013-04-06 20.02.42

..but I do have many fingers with paint and glue on them…this is a mixed media collage with papers from my gelli prints and leftover journal pages.  I sold this a couple of months ago and just came across it again in a long lost folder…I wish I had taken better pics of it so as to use the images for other art or journal pieces..I really love how this came out, and may try another similar to it.     Share with your friends more

New Mixed Media Art


Hi everyone..Ive been away for a while, packing and moving to Georgia…where the weather is warm and the people are warmer.. just started creating again…and am so happy with my new inspirations..!Ive really just been doodling with my Molowtow Paint pens and sharpies and then adding some Golden fluid acrylics and homeade spray inks ( made from food coloring and rubbing alcohol)…whatever I dont like I gesso over..and begin again..!   Share with your friends more

Just Be..mixed media bird, colorful collage

just be222good

“Just Be”.. mixed media bird, colorful collage..I did this  while on the road with my Ipad..I love technology..!       Share with your friends more

Gelli Prints for envelopes for art swaps, mailart, art journals,

Photo Jun 24, 3 56 08 PM

Gelli Prints for envelopes for art swaps, mail art, art journals   Share with your friends more

a new doodle canvas ..Its all about perspective..!


a new doodle canvas ..Its all about perspective..!..just having fun with shape and line, color and design… Share with your friends more

Some handmade journals Ive made over the last year..all with duck tape binding, and cereal box cardboard


Some handmade journals Ive made over the last year..all with duck tape binding..they are easy and just use the duck tape as the spine of the easily adheres to the front and back covers and can be sewn threw with a simple stitch.   Share with your friends more

Flower Doodles


Flower Doodles..on journals..on canvas Share with your friends more

Today begins Valerie Sjodins mini online workshop for cutting and painting art journal pages..


Valerie Sjodin Mini Workshop here are some of my pages..Im doing most of the cutting and inking first then I will be coloring, painting and embellishing them..this is really fun..go check it out..its not too late to sign goes until September..! Share with your friends more

New downloads at


Creative Downloads These are made with a combination of watercolor and using the computer for digital layering and manipulations. I can also use the Ipad for this sort of creating..which makes it all the more fun as I can create on the go, no mess, in the car, at the office, or while waiting in a Drs office..! Share with your friends more

Awakening…doodles and birds


  Share with your friends more

More doodle canvases


More doodling on canvas..then I added some home made acrylic sprays to the background…     Share with your friends more

New Doodle canvas art


this is a doodle canvas  with acrylic and ink…I then added the butterflies in 3d     Share with your friends more

Some of my new Collage sheets


Here is a sampling of some of my new collage sheets..find them here on Etsy.. SALE This week Share with your friends more

Fly Dream Believe


Fly Dream Believe..available as a print or on a wood block here Share with your friends more

Some new ACEO’s..watercolor and ink and a handpainted background layer in Corel Psp

homes on a hill

    before and after pics…done with watercolor pencils and Sakura ink…and on the first one I added a painted background layer..!   Share with your friends more

Subscribe to my mailing list and enter to win a free matted, signed and hand embellsihed print of choice


For all new followers, or those that missed the post the other day….**My new website is up and running at …Go check it out and SUBSCRIBE to my mailing list ( and each week for the month of March (Sundays) I will be giving away a free, specially chosen, 5×7 matted/signed and hand embellished print to each weeks’ winner from the entries ..! Woo Hoo..!! Share with your friends more

I Love Birds…2 of my new digital collage birds


I Love Birds…2 of my new digital collage birds These were both created using downloaded hand-painted pages, my colorful birds that I have created over the years..and my new Ipad using Procreate…or Ipadart as everyone calls it….it is so much fun…and the results are really interesting.. Share with your friends more

Paint a bowl of rocks…

2013-02-21 02.03.18

Paint a bowl of rocks..painted rocks are fun and pretty..! what you need  smooth rocks liquid golden , white and/or colors..andor Pebeo acrylic with fine tip very fine brush spray clear chrystal glaze 1. wash rocks 2. paint designs 3. let dry 4. spray with glaze..voila 5. admire Share with your friends more

Word Art Portraits with muted colors and grunge effects


Word Art Portraits with muted colors and grunge effects Share with your friends more

Free Download for all..A new digital collage I made last week

spread your wings1

*Free Download for all*..A new digital collage I made last week..just click link and download, print and enjoy click here   Share with your friends more

Word Art Portrait ….Ozzy Boy


Today my student and I are creating portraits with words..I am using my little dog Ozzy and my high school student is using Katniss Everdeen, from Hunger Games..first we draw the image in pencil lightly, and then add words or phrases that have to do with our subject..then we will enhance in black marker using thick and thin lines..I will update images as we complete Share with your friends more

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