My Plywood Cityscape

My Plywood Cityscape


This is how far Ive gotten, and Im not sure what Im doing next…so many ideas..!


before white paint..






a new plywood..adding layers



Just a little quick doodle with color

Just a little quick doodle with color..

 …and here it is as the beginning of a fabric pattern

fab2 with a little color in the background added digitally

fabb as a background piece


..and here as the cover of a journal that I will fill with painted and blank pages20160818_185624

I am a Teacher in 21 Secrets Color, Color, Color 2016

I am a Teacher in 21 Secrets Color, Color, Color 2016

Use this link to Enroll

21 Secrets  Color Color Color

and save $10.00 if your use the code Color ..Woo Hoo..!


My 2 Minute Abstract

2 Minute Abstract

I took 2 minutes to create this abstract…its really just an exercise in practicing non judgment and letting your muse take over, without any control..Its great as a kickstarter to larger projects. I may cut this up as mini Art pieces, cards or tags..or I may add some ink detail and matte and frame it.


My New Online Class “Crazy Colorful Cityscapes” ..enroll now for early bird special

My New Online Class “Crazy Colorful Cityscapes” ..enroll now for early bird special $30.00  after September 15th it goes to regular price of $40.00..!!

Begins October 1stcrazy

The winners are…

Ok I am announcing the winners to the giveaway..and the surprise is that there are 5 instead of 4..I got 2 samples of my book in the mail yesterday so I am giving the fifth winner a signed copy..Congrats to all of you and Thank you all so much for sharing, liking, and commenting and just for being awesome friends and art lovers here on FB. So the first 2 winners of the Sakura pens are Ampersand Crafts and Cindy Ogg Spence..the 3rd winner of the handmade journal is Angela Lynn Booth..the 4th winner of the original art page is Glenda Barber Hoagland..and the surprise 5th winner of the signed copy of the book is Studio IHanna..Congratulations to all.I will contact you all by email or messenger..and as it gets closer to release date I will have more giveaways with more pens from Sakura and Staedtler and other fun stuff..!20160308_175806_resized



Hi everyone..:)..So to be entered to win one of these 4 items..please share this link

Short video on my abstract painting playground

Short video on my abstract painting playground

just playing around on this large canvas waiting to be ready to try some new stuff..stuff I didnt have confidence in..but you may think im crazy when you hear it..!:)

Im teaching a class in “One Badass Journal” hosted by Tiare Smith

Im teaching a class in “One Badass Journal” hosted by Tiare Smith

sign up here: One Badass Journal


heres a little sneak peek of the lesson Ill be teaching in One Badass Journal..As you all probably know..I just Looove to create fun and colorful Cityscapes.  I think its because I grew up  hanging out in the Big Apple and taking in all of the color, pattern and joy that the city has to offer. Now I use many different supplies and techniques to capture  the city and put my own spin on it..I hope you enjoy my lesson..:)

….along with these 13 other amazing artists and their Badass  Lessons..!


A little digital altering goes a long way

A little digital altering goes a long way..

Here I have taken one of my coloring pages from my first book Mystical Gardens and added color to it in Corel PSP..I just used the fill tool and added variations of colors …

take a minute

I then layered the colored piece onto an image of was a stock photo from the web..I actually love how it looks I save a copy of this too..just in case I want to use at a later time

take a minute1

I played around with some lighting and brightness to get a nice mix of the two images..this is brighter but I dont like it as much..still Ill save for a later project

take a minute11

I then added a stained wood background to add some interest and change some of the colors a bit..every time you layer a piece it alters the tones and values of the colors underneath..

take a minute111

Next I created a mix of all three with an added collage page I had made years ago..and a watercolor background as well..its a bit dark so Ill need to adjust it

take a minute2234darker

here Ive lightened it up a bit..much better..but still needs something more..

take a minute2234

Below Ive lightened it up and added a grunge background to enhance edges, add some texture and to give a bit of dimension..Now Im liking it a lot..

take a moment to stop I just added a little sentiment..but saved both copies in case I want a print without words..and thats..a little peek into how I create a digital and mixed watercolor piece..Of course many times there a  a lot more steps than this..but here Ive show just a bit of how it works..!

take a moment to stop1

TuToRiaL..My “Meadori” style handmade art journals..

TuToRiaL..My “Meadori” style handmade art journals..

step 1..First I fold  9 x 12 sheets of  Canson 140lb watercolor  paper in half..which makes the journal size 9 x 6 inches… and I use a bone folder to crease the edge.  It makes  a very nice fold so the paper lays flat.If you dont have a bone folder you can use a ruler or end of a pen or scissors…I also cut and tear my painted  Canson 98 lb mixed media paper to  add as well.(Here and Here are links to see how I create some of these painted papers) I mix both papers evenly in the journals. You can use any papers you like for your own journals, card stock, copy paper, scrapbook paper, brown wrap, deli paper..etc..






Step 2..I then Pick one of my prints from my original can use an original piece or some print you may have ..or just painted paper or scrapbook paper as well..what ever you would like for your cover is fine.I cut the print  to fit on the cover page which is 9 x 6 inches.


Step 3…Then I take one of the folded 140 lb watercolor papers and cut it on the fold..this give me a front and back cover that I will attach with Duck brand colored Duck Tape ..I like it because it is sturdy and strong.



Step 4…Then I take a colored Duck tape..usually to match the cover in some form..and I duck tape the 2 covers pieces together..on front and back..with a 1/2 inch over lay of tape to paper. I actually do a tiny bit less for the front because I will be sewing on that piece and I dont want to sew over the sticky tape.


..first I do one side…


..fold excess over the top


..then I add on other side and also fold over the top..


..i then press it down and around with my fingers to get a smooth finish..


Step 5..I then take an awl ,which is a sharp pointy tool for making holes and I make two holes at the top and bottom of the duck between the paper covers. I then take elastic that is cut to about double the same length as the papers ..(or 18 inches for the  9 x 12 journal..and 24 inches for the 9 x 12 journal..)and put through the first hole at top, from inside to outside..and then in through the hole next to it..and then pull elastic to the bottom and do the same..tying the elastic together on the inside of covers.You want it to be a little taught but not so it pulls covers together..just taught enough so you have to stretch it to add paper.






Step 6..After the pieces are taped I take my cut print and sew it onto the front can add glue first if you like..but I find that the stitching is enough.I use a zigzag or decorative leaf stitch..if you do not have a sewing machine, you can just adhere with glue or matte medium and press under a book for a few hours to seal and secure it..I just like the look of the stitches as well…or you can hand stitch if you like..that would look awesome as well..!



Step 7..Then I take my folded papers and intersperse them..140 lb, then 98 lb..painted, then blank..and make a stack of 6 papers..which will be 12 pages after folded..and I slip them into the elastic ..I do the same with another stack of papers..After the pages are in I take some colorful ribbons and add to the top piece of elastic..I usually use about 4 pieces of different colored ribbon and fold them over to add some more color interest..and that my friend sis how I make my Meadori Handmade Art  Journals..!










New Piece Available..

New Piece Available Here


..this is called Morning Delight and is now available in my shop  at FineArtAmerica as a Giclee print on many surfaces..including 7  different papers..canvas, metal, acrylic..or on cards, pillows or canvas tote bags

What I’m up to..

What Im up too..

So I have been so neglectful of my blog..I am sorry for many things going little time..Anyway I have been making some Boho style art pieces on wood panel..These are created with #Golden Acrylics #sakuraofamerica # and #Sharpiepaintpens


boho1..and Ive been working on my Coloring Book  Joyful Places, Happy Faces..published by Faithwords..go check out their page and give them a “Like” …so here is a little sample of some of the 90 pages.. and the cover..






And Woo is available for preorder now ..Thanks so much for stopping by ..:)

My Painted Pages ..simple fun quick

My Painted Pages ..simple fun quick

Practice Creativity….and article by Marcia Grace


Practice Creativity

by Maria Grace, Ph.D.

(to read the entire, article click link below)

Practice Creativity

“Creative people are healers. They create to bring wholeness to the inevitable wounds inflicted by life. Their creative output is their answer to aggression, deprivation, unfairness and injustice that, unfortunately, abound in reality. Through creating, they contribute toward increasing beauty, harmony and love, without which life cannot exist.” (Marcia Grace, Ph.D.)


In the next section you will be encouraged to develop a creative habit following recommended activities and exercises. As you discover and nurture your own creative habit, keep in mind its main characteristics. A creative habit:

1. Gives you energy.

2. Holds your interest.

3. Gives you the freedom to make mistakes and see them as learning experiences.

4. Challenges your thoughts, stretches your imagination, and generates new discoveries and problem-solving ideas.

5. Increases your self-confidence and self- acceptance.

Some old prints with some new thoughts…

Some old prints with some new thoughts…

when you shineborder1sm






Eraser Stamp Background


                                               Eraser Stamp Background





Finding out some things about myself as an artist…


(this piece is over 10 years old)

Finding out some things about myself as an artist…

Ok so a few weeks back I was saying how I was finding some things out about myself as an artist..well here are the top 5 so far:

1. I love intuitive painting..I love to look at it and watch others do it..and I love how it turns out.and I even enjoy experimenting with it a bit….but I am not an intuitive painter..I am a “Control Freak” painter.and although I dont like having a plan….I love to control  each and every line..and where my messes go..I love to make mistakes and then control how they develop..I love to control each mark and line..and I love to control the outcome..Its fun for me..I love the challenge of figuring it out..of turning a mishap into magic. I dont get as much joy out of just letting things flow. I do enjoy the process occasionally, but it is not where I get my fix of making art.

2. I am not jealous or competitive when it comes to others’ art.  I can honestly say that I love when others are doing well and when I see a spark in their feeds my own artistic soul and  gives me creative energy.  It also makes me feel joy when I see other artists grow and change and develop their own style. I love when I “get” anothers work..or instinctively feel their creations in my bones.I love helping others to find a new way of think of things in a new way or to just see things differently..that is how I love to share my experience.

3. I am never at a loss for a creative idea..I have hundreds of things in my mind and just dont have enough time to get them out..although I have had a few creative blocks…for an hour or two..I never really have “artists block”..I think this has to do with the fact that I have a lot of loves.. and ways to add color and design to things.  It doesnt have to be just painting but making colorful vibrant pieces of art that matters to me.

4. I can never just do one thing..for example I could never just paint on canvas or do portraits or make handmade journals..If you have followed me you will see that its about every 4 or 5 days that I change things up.  I may do some gelli prints..then some art journals, carve some stamps and then doodle some envelopes..and on to plywood and canvas..then  off to my computer for some digital designs..or my Ipad for a layering fix..then back to doodling in my art journal..and  to mixed media on  canvas..and on  to watercolor on paper..I love to drip..splatter..fingerpaint and use brushes..I love to carve..crochet..and stitch and sew…I love canvas and paper..yarn and ribbon…crayons and markers and ink and sprays..I love large plywood pieces..and mini handmade  cardboard journals..I love tiny  little art cards and huge painted walls..I love acrylic and wax and oil and thread..I love my stylus my keyboard my mouse..!

5. I love painting and constructing things and using them a bit more than just having art to show..don’t get me wrong..I love a beautiful creation on the wall..but to make something that I can use..that  has beauty and purpose is one of the most satisfying things I can can do..but it still needs lots and lots of color and design.  It needs to burst with vibrancy and  and be something that I can carry around or hold..or utilize..I guess that is why I love making journals so much..the painting or creating of the cover..constructing the book..designing the pages..and then getting to hold it..and carry it….Just love that…Well thats all for now..Ill be pondering and observing some more of the things that make me tick as an artist..!:)


Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere..Simple Seamless Repeat Patterns

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere..Simple Seamless Repeat Patterns

Lately I’ve been so intrigued with making patterns..not with pen and ink but on digital editing software, Corel PSP..specifically Seamless Repeat Patterns.I have taught myself how to incorporate handmade designs into repeat patterns that can be printed and made into wrapping paper or fabric. It was a very hard concept for me to the hard copy world..I was able to figure out how to do it with paper and pencil..but transferring that knowledge to the computer had me stumped. Finally after literally years of trying and giving up..I was able to figure it out ..enough to make these simple repeat patterns …



Circles N Things






swirls and curls

..and in the future, as I become more proficient in pattern-making.. I will also provide a lesson on more elaborate patterns. For now  I have created Simple Seamless Repeat Patterns an online class which begins on August 1, 2015, ..and is $20.00 for 1 lesson with numerous videos and instruction. You can find the link in the above title bar under Online Workshops..Thanks for Looking..!

Jumbo Journal Winner and a little about my new Mead-Ori style journals

Jumbo Journal Winner and a little about my new Mead-Ori style journals

So the winner of the Jumbo Journal is

Diane Scott..Woooo Hooo congrats Diane..!

Soooo….how the Meadori journal came about was I received a request to make some Midori style coloring pages for inserts in the Midori.


I knew what the Midori was and how it worked but never bought one, mainly because I only use handmade journals. So while researching some coloring page inserts..I thought..Wow ..I want to use some of my cut canvas from this piece here for some covers and try my own style

rr I gathered my materials..papers…cut canvas..elastic..and I put together my first Midori style journal.




20150704_150001_resized 20150704_150200_resized


It is actually very easy..I used 9 x 12  watercolor paper, folded in half..1/8 inch elastic for the binding..mixed media  painted pages for colorful inserts..and a few coloring pages to add some interest.  You can add as many or few as you like..and they are easily removed or switched out as you finish a journal page.  I just love this idea, that you can keep rotating..adding a new style of paper, and removing to make room for more. Hence I was thinking of a name for my new journal and Mead-Ori just popped in my head..!!So try making your own..and you can use any paper at all ..whatever you have on hand..and then add new pieces as you get them..!Have fun..!

Doodle, Line, Draw, Design..What else would I be doing in my spare time..

As Long as people keep commenting..I am extending the offer to pick another random person every week to receive a watercolor coloring card..!Thank You..!:)

Doodle, Line,  Draw, Design..What else would I be doing in my spare time..

So Ive had so many requests for creative coloring pages and/or cards on 140 lb watercolor it would be possible to paint using water-based media…..Hence.. Im on a mission..a doodling, drawing , designing mission to create about 300 plus original watercolor coloring cards of all sizes..2.5 x 3.5/ 4 x 5/ 4 x 6/ 5 x 7/ and maybe some 8 x 10’s as well..and Im going to give 10 away to the first 10 persons to comment  here on this blog, with the right answer to this question…(please make sure I have your email so I can get your address from you)

What is the name of my coloring book..?




My Pick of the Month…

Pick of the Month


My Pick of the Month…

Joanna Grant 

00 Promo 1

…and her  my newest ONLINE class which is starting July 16 over at  The workshop is called “MIXED MEDIA FX” and it will run for six weeks.  All the details are here

So today my “Pick of the Month” is from Joanna Grant,  a wonderful artist , friend and instructor.  I purchased this gorgeous creation from her awesome shop on Etsy.  Ive known and followed  Joanna for years and her work just puts the biggest smile on my face..  She uses found materials and recycled papers and images. Joanna makes use of everything beautiful and combines them for a unique and gorgeous piece of art..   So go check out her Facebook Page Etsy Shop and Online Classes Enjoy..!
(Each month I buy from a FB based artisan to share their craft or art and to help support my fellow artists…and I love each and everything Ive purchased)..Hence “Pick of the Month” was born…right now I am booked up until September with my purchases..but Ill be browsing…Who could be next..? Here are just a few others that have been featured: Wire Designs by Grace-Ria Candice Dillhoff’s Wee Cottage Art Studio Mystic Tulip Mixed Media Shelly McGinness Allred Wyanne Viki Tiamat Leikeifelt Aarathi Selvan Belinda Dworak  Kim Collister and many more..check out their shops if you missed the feature..


Etsy Shop

Its all about the Base…

Its all about the Base…

So what are you favorite things to paint on..

I used to love canvas..but it has lost its allure for me, I’m not sure why…this is on canvas..and I love how the texture shows through..but I think it is the soft or pliable nature that goes against the need for a very hard surface that I am enjoying painting on now..


I love watercolor paper, either big sheets or little Aceo cards. I love the way it has some strength and rigidity, and how it absorbs so beautifully.



I love painting on mixed media paper as well..I love using a brayer on it and how it has the slightest texture and is not very rigid but flexible.


I love painting on drift wood, with its smooth yet  uneven surface.  I love painting rings around it in colorful bold stripes.

2014-12-06 10.11.54_resized

..but my all time fav is plywood..I love the hard surface..the characteristic grain of the wood..the discrepancies within the grain..the affordability of it..and the large sizes you can buy..also how you can use it for many things..a table top for creating..a coffee table top..a wall hanging or art pieces..or just use it to build things after it is painted..try it with a found piece of’ll love it..!


2014-11-14 19.35.51_resized

2015-03-30 19.32.57_resized

Jumbo Journal giveaway..Woooo Hoooo..!



“Jumbo Journal” giveaway..Woooo Hoooo..!

 Ive been inspired by my dearest friend Grace Reisiger Andersen​…(as she is starting a new blog)..thank you Lady..! start using my blog again..and to encourage you to check it out occasionally.. Ive decided I am doing a giveaway of my Newest “Jumbo Journal”..Rejuveante..12 x 18 inches..24 pages of 140 watercolor paper..and mixed media paper..Just go subscribe.(top right hand column) … to my blog and leave a comment with your email so I can enter you to win..Good Luck and Thank You Everyone..!!

My painted table tops..Plywood, craft paint and gesso

My clean studio..painted table top on plywood, experiment wall and wall of fame..!


Just cleaned my studio..Again..and am ready to create..this table was done with craft paint..Golden acrylic paint, ink  on plywood..the painted wall is my “go to place” to experiment and just play around without any focus on outcome..each week it can change…the wall of art is from my friends and fav goes around the always looking to add more..

Art Supply Mandala

Art Supply Mandala…Create your own Art Supply Mandala..and share on your FB page..then come back and comment here with link( and full name and email address) to let me know..Be entered to win a 5 x 7 Handmade Art journal made with some of these pages..Winner will be picked on April 1st..Enjoy..!


The Documented Life Project ..Making Your Mark (Marks and Doodles)

The Documented Life Project

      First… A HaPpY BiRtHdAY to Lorraine Conte Bell..!!

Hi everyone..I just want to say how grateful I feel to be a part of this amazing group, and honored to have been asked to participate as a featured artist..  Thank you Art to the 5th and all of you wonderful artists and journalers’ who light up my Facebook feed daily..!

 This months theme is MAKING YOUR MARK (MARKS & DOODLES).

The art challenge for this week is AS A LAYER ELEMENT

and the prompt is SURVIVING THE ELEMENTS.


…so as many of you know..I would not survive without my doodles, lines and shapes..I think they become a part of every piece I create..either with with pen, marker, handmade stamps or a paintbrush.  Using your doodles and personal marks adds interest, detail and another layer to  build upon. Making marks is just a way to calm my mind, empty my thoughts and begin a creation..  I love doodles, lines and shapes so much that I  created an online workshop called  Make Your Mark   in March 2014 that focuses on line, shape, color..and doodles.


First I doodled with permanent ink all over the can be anything..handwriting, faces, houses..whatever your favorite mark making consists could also be scribble or just line designs as well. I usually choose flowers as my  main theme for making marks.  I just love how you can design your own or work from nature…and there is just so much you can do with floral or garden themes.  When I’m  done filling the page with marks..I cover with a light layer of cover up a little of the ink and to add a nice texture to the pages.



Here I just took some watercolor and added some blocks of color and marks with my brush, just to add some color and to give a little detail and texture..


Next I turned the journal upside down and added very dense  watercolor (using a brush filled with color and water) and went along the top of the page pressing very hard with the brush so the excess water and color would start to run and drip down the pages. If it didn’t drip as I wanted it to..I spritzed with a little water from a spray bottle. I used some greens and blues to portray vines in a wild garden.


..then I let it sit for a bit until it dried.





Next I took some mixed media paper that I had added marks on with  handmade eraser stamps, doodles and other papers where I used a brayer to add colors…..and cut the paper into leaves, pods, petals and flowers for collage elements and as another layer…because marks, doodles and layers are a necessity..!:)


Turning the journal right side up….I added some of the  shapes  to create a wild garden scene…


..I just used a glue stick to glue pieces down, but you can use any medium you like…notice the ethereal feel of the dripped watercolor after it has dried…





I randomly cut out shapes and added where I liked..mostly looking for contrast in color..but also to cover up a spot I may not like..or just to  add interest..Of course one of my favorite parts is how the drips have dried over the doodles beneath and the contrast of the colorful papers..


Next I took my brush and paint markers and added in details to form some ferns, vines, and other marks to add to the garden feel. It definitely needed some black as well to distract from all of the colors…and to add some definition and detail to the page.




and I used a light wash of pale yellow to the sky portion…and actually after seeing the before pics..decided I liked it white rather than yellow..but for now I am leaving it..


..and added paint to create some ferns and leaves..



..and details of flowers and buds..As you can see, I really did’nt use any fine drawing skills here..but more of a collection of some of my favorite marks and shapes to create a garden feel. When you have a bunch of favorite shapes or doodles… you can really practice them and become very good at recalling them in a moment..and use them to create all sorts of scenes, images, designs and backgrounds that are made primarily of simple lines and shapes..






…a few up close pics as well as where I added my journaling about layers and making is what I wrote….

“My elements are lines, marks, and special shapes that Ive created myself…that I enjoy making and that calm me… How and where I gather them together is unique to me and fills some need when I make them..for me it is an emotional thing..but also provides a physical experience..It satisfies a need to create, a need to control, a need to design, a need to grow..For me every time I pick up a pen..I come to life..inside I feel that there is nothing I cant make ..or create..” 







Thank you all so much for looking and visiting here..

I  try to update at least weekly, so feel free to come and visit any time..! (below is a tutorial on how I created my DLP Cityscape as well ..if you would like to see..)

Have a wonderful day and Ill see you all  at DLP 2015

How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 2..week 5

How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 2..week 5 (Part 1 Here)


20150201_112013 I am just adding a few shades of blue craft paint and blending a bit


20150201_111751 a layer of paint, and then wipe some off…




now Im adding some more paint..a different color and  a different brand..this is Golden Liquid has a much higher pigment content, and a little goes a very long is also not as much of a “matt” finish so it will add to the luster of the sky..


..I squirted a bit of water onto the page..

2015-02-01 13.53.15


now I swill continue adding some more layers of blues..and a bit of purple and..continue wiping off and adding more paint until I get the color that I like..



2015-02-01 13.52.54

now I will add some acrylic gloss medium to the wet paint…

2015-02-01 13.52.20

and blend it in with my finger..

2015-02-01 13.50.33

2015-02-01 13.50.50

2015-02-01 13.51.16

..I will continue on to the other side making it a bit lighter  on the left as that is the sunrise side…I also journaled about what lies beneath each of us and our this point it is  still needing more layers of blues….but sometimes I work on other parts and go back to the layers..




after more layers of blue I will begin adding some details on the buildings..and the sky..

How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 1..week 5

How I created my DLP  from Art To The 5th… Cityscape..Part 1 ..

2015-02-01 13.40.43

city1 I started with a full spread in my journal


…doodle all over the page..I chose flowers and leaves because that is what I love to doodle..but you can choose any marks you enjoy making..lines and swirls, or dots and circles….or faces..or houses  etc…anything you enjoy creating that will make it totally yours..your personal touch..!



then I gathered some gesso and paints..



..and I covered my page with random paints…


..i then took some papers I made with my handmade eraser stamps..and I will use these to cut my building shapes..



..I cut all different shapes..tall and short…wider and thinner..and laid them out in a pattern that I liked..


..I covered some with thin coats of paint..details will come later..



..then I gathered some shades of blue for the sky..


and started to mix and blend the color together..stay tuned for part 2 on Monday..!


DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances..


DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances…. and guess what..Im on the list..

It is an Honor and a Joy to have been asked to be a guest artist for the DLP 2015 …and here is the list of all of the other Guest Artists…Wooo Hoo..very exciting indeed..! Thanks so much to the Art to the 5th Team ..You Are Awesome..!


#AJWChallenge #2 Sketch a Favorite Book

‪#‎AJWchallenge‬ #2 Sketch a Favorite Book  .. Palma Rea’s Creative Challenge for 2015 ..One of my favorite changed my life..pencil,ink, Copic marker and a little watercolor on 140lb paper in my handmade journal .. from palmas blog  A Creative journey

2015-01-02 10.14.20

#AJWchallenge .#1 Something I should throw away, but I keep..

‪#‎AJWchallenge‬ #1.. Palma Rea’s Creative Challenge for 2015 .. I should get rid of these flailing houseplants..I dont really have a green thumb..but I will not..I am determined to save on 140lb paper  from Palma Rea  A Creative Journey Blog


Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art

Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art..that is actually how I got into the business of art, about 8 years ago..I was swapping art cards..both prints and originals and then I saw on Ebay how they were being sold…hundreds a I this would be fun and it could really supplement my income and pay for my art supplies..Lolol..little did I know that it would turn into a full business..well not just art cards but selling my creations and starting a business. Never would I have thought that I would make a living or earn money as an artist.  But the truth is..that is how it started for me..with little 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards (either I cut my own from 140 lb watercolor paper) or you can buy from Inchie Arts (they are very high quality and very miniature canvas boards..I love Em).  I love small format art and its easy “takealongability”..and quick turnout..especially for someone like me who gets bored and easliy distracted..i love to change up things daily and that is why small format art is are a few Im working on again…Ive had some request for these and its been a few years since I created any new ones..

2014-12-28 12.28.01

most of the time I just create with ink and watercolor or liquid acrylics..and sometimes watercolor pencils as well..I always need to wear my glasses and sit very close to the about 7 inches from the table top..I do very intricate marks and lately its been a little harder to see these fine lines.. Lol …you can use anything you like to create these..collage, thick paint. pencil..just ink.. Gelli Plate give it a try..and share your pieces on my page at  …I’d love to see what you come up with..maybe we can do a swap if you like..!

here are some from years ago:





Simple binding for your handmade journals

So I love making handmade art journals..but I really dont enjoy any kind of complicated stitching technique..its just not my thing…in other words, I dont love doing it.  Ive tried a few different stitches..the coptic was one  and it took me many times to get it right..I love how it turned out but I guess due to time constraints, I just would rather do a simple stitch..and with all of the journals Ive made..Ive never had one fall apart or even loosen up over the years so ..I am content with this easy pamphlet stitch to keep my handmade journals together forever..Lolol.. You can  add a few extra holes according to the size of your journal..this one is very large..12 x 14..but I just chose the 2 holes for the purpose of the video..and keeping it simple..This journal will be my 2015 Documented Life Journal is made with 140 lb watercolor paper and some heavy cardboard for the covers ..I have a video here on how I made the cover


Less than perfect…….

So I was just reading a FB post by the lovely artist Gina Lee Kim, about sharing your imperfect work as well..for inspiring others.. Great post and really great concept Gina..I feel like I really would like to share many more of the pieces that are imperfect or undone or especially unattractive to me.  What a great way to show that we all struggle in one way or another with our art, or our process and that it isnt always beautiful  or appealing.  I have drawers and stacks of things that for one reason or another have been put aside or discarded …out of sight..out of mind… Im going to share a few of these recluse pieces with you alll…Ahhhh what fun..! are just a few..i think I may make this a monthly post…

a mixed media collage canvas…..dont like it at all..its been sitting quite a while..soon I will work on it



paint and collage on wood..I liked it when I started but now am not happy with has potential though..instead of covering the whole thing I will progably just add to it and cover some parts..



..Im so bored doing faces now…I thought I could attempt something interesting..but halfway through ..said..Nahhhh..I used to do portraits all the time..but now no interest whatsoever..



..kinda fun..but cant make it appealing to me…definitely a cover up is needed..




For a limited time I am offering original ACEO cards for auction on Ebay

For a limited time I am offering original ACEO cards for auction on Ebay..and a few black and white ink to color on 140 watercolor paper


bloom free

flora 1w


flora2w prettybirdw


The making of my Documented life Journal Cover for 2015

The making of my Documented Life Journal Cover for 2015 ..My Beautiful Mess..!.This started out being a junk journal..but I decided to use it for the 2015 Documented Life Project when I realized that this large size of 12 x 14.5 inches would really suit my needs for the DLP…so I added more now has 56 pages..!

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Betty Franks Krause of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Betty Franks Krause of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media

I have known Betty Franks of Mystic Tulip Mixed Media Art  for quite some time and have loved seeing her colorful and inspiring mixed media creations pop up on my feed and bring joy each day. Betty has been so generous in her sharing of techniques and offers wonderful step by step tutorials, with great pictures on her Mystic Tulip FB Page. Betty has also added wonderful video tutorials and always has a unique and fun idea to share..!I know that my FB timeline lights up when Betty’s art appears.


I was both honored and thrilled to be asked by Robin Mead to be a guest artist on her blog:

In this video I show you how to use wallpaper samples to create wonderful textures and markings to use in your backgrounds or as a final step in your mixed media art.

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Renee Stien..

“Technique of the Week”..featuring Renee Stien..

Renee Stien lives in central Minnesota. She is an empty-nester who stumbled onto the mixed media world about 6 years ago and has been soaking up all the information she can ever since.I met Renee through the fun and fabulous ICAD challenge from Tammy Garcia on Daisy Yellow Blog.  When I saw Renee’s techniques and colorful whimsical style I knew I had to watch her videos.  She shares many techniques that I had never used before and her unique ideas really pop on a page. I love her use of color and details that create a vibrant and joyful feast for the eyes. 

Renee’s Blog

The Tin Goat

Spray Color and Gesso Background

Print of the “Today is a Gift”


Today’s print of the day is “Today is a Gift”…. 8 x 10 inch .. $12.00.. Free shipping to US (international please inquire within )..message or email me with your email at if interested and be entered to win a handmade art journal of the month..!Enjoy..!

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