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New Acrylic Paintings

New Acrylic Paintings

New Work in the making

These will be available in the 2017 Handmade Holiday Event on Facebook, beginning on November 27th. I along with 23 other artists will be sharing our creations including Paintings, Jewelry, Art Dolls, Sculpture, Textiles, and Handmade Art Journals. Please feel free to click link above and check Going, if you would like to experience the excitement of one of Stephanie Gagos awesome auctions..

Colorful Still life by Robin Mead

Sunset river painting by a Robin Mead
Mandala art by Robin Mead
Abstract art by Robin Mead
Abstract art by Robin MeadMandala art by Robin Mead

Trying my hand at palette knife painting..

Trying my hand at using a palette knife…I really loved it…its fun spreading the paint like frosting , but even more fun seeing the unexpected surprises of the blends you get when combing  colors layered onto each other.  This was my first piece done completely with a palette knife..I’ve tried it on different pieces  as a small part but never the whole piece..I think I’ll be adding a few more..





New Abstract series..a mix of paint, ink paper and digital collage

New Abstract series..a mix of paint, ink paper and digital collage  …its kind of like a digital printmaking…using layers upon layers of images and paint and paper…sometimes up to 10  or more layers to create one of a kind abstract pieces that resemble printmaking techniques or lino  prints… or monoprints..

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