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Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by

Handmade Art Journal

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal is my newest journal that I finished today.  This journal is created with watercolor  paper for the cover with an original mixed media painting on the front. The painting is made with  acrylic paint and ink. This pretty in pink floral  art journal has removable pages. Remove the pages  to paint on and  then put back in when dry. They are made with watercolor paper and mixed media painted pages. Request more blank pages or painted pages depending on what  you like. I use a mix of both because I get inspired by the painted ones and then want to create on a blank page.

Pink Passion by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Art Journal

Black lines by Robin Mead

You all  know that pink and all shades of pink are my favorite color. They are followed by turquoise, and all other shades of blue. Then I love oranges, purples, greens and yellows.Then of course I love bold black lines as well. All colors are my favorites and lots of them.

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Eraser Stamp Page by Robin MeadPink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

One BADASS Art Journal 2018

One BADASS Art Journal 2018

The time has Come…Yup..the day you’ve been waiting for…”One Badass Art Journal” is now open for early registration..Woop Woop:)..and im still adding a few details to my class!!and L00k at those awesome faces of all who will be sharing their knowledge, techniques and ideas..!!.Oh the Fun..! Here is your link  to get in on it now..:)

New Handmade Art Journals going into the shop

New Handmade Art Journals going into the shop

New “Meadoris” in the Shop

Well Ive been workin 24/7 to  create some new art journals and here is my first finished batch.. a bunch if different sizes too 9 x 6 9 x 8 9 x 12  and 6 x 7 inch all with removable pages. Stop by my website link above to get yours .

“Wonder” ..My Biggest Journal Ever

“Wonder” ..My Biggest Journal Ever


“Wonder” 18 x 18 inches

Just an is my new blog and feed..Thanks for following along:)

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Ive had this in my mind for months “Wonder”, my biggest journal ever.. an 18 x 18 inch journal.. filled with 140 lb watercolor paper. These pages are removable so you can take them out, create on them, and add back in when dry. You can also replace or interchange with other paper or even canvas if you like.Sometimes I use brown wrap or white shipping paper too. The cover is created with watercolor ink and acrylic and is called Wonder”This journal will be in The 2017 Handmade Holiday Auction with Stephanie Gagos. Its definitely a conversation piece

The cover..”Wonder” is created on 140 lb watercolor paper, and I used Golden Fluid acrylics, Winsor and Newton watercolors and Liquitex inks. First I drew a rough sketch in pencil, then added permanent ink and continued with light layers of paint until I was able to achieve a saturated look. People always ask me how I get such rich colors with watercolor. The truth is I hardly ever just use one medium. I am always combining acrylic ink and other supplies to get the colors a certain way. I feel too many people give up when their colors don’t come out bold and bright..but that is because they don’t use enough layers, or they dont  use different mediums. This is something that I will be discussing in some upcoming online classes that I will be participating in..Stay Tuned for details.:)

Some weird things I do as an artist..

Some weird things I do as an artist

*I only started using a journal in 2009, I had never used or made one before..above is one of my first pages in my first handmade journal..Lolol..!

*I only use mixed media paper for my palettes..for cleaning my brushes. I dont use glass or any substrate because I dont want to waste any paint, and the papers I can use as backgrounds, collage papers, or journal pages

*I buy only cheapo brushes because I dont clean them or keep them nice..I just leave in the water dish until they are useless, then I buy new ones. The big bag of brushes for like $9.99 at Michaels or on Amazon.I have really good brushes that I dont use.

*I spend money on quality paints and paper because I feel that is most important. I buy bulk canvas and stretch my own canvases, I always have done that unless there is some great sale on canvases, then I buy those too.

*I used to have an obsession with frames and framing my work, now I dont like frames at all and would rather just have it on the wall in a gallery wrapped canvas or white matte.

*I am very bad at commissions. When someone asks me to do one..I get anxiety and obsess for days about it. It almost puts me in a non creative coma, where I can not possibly do the piece that they request, and I usually dont like the outcome.Ill do them but it is rare.

*I used to be so obsessed with line design that I took 2d Design 1 and 2, two times at art school. Now I love it as I incorporate it into all my other projects.

*I started, years ago out only creating art with a fountain pen and india ink,  I did that for years then found that I loved Sharpie, Faber Castel and Sakura, which is what I use now.

*I sold my first huge canvas 36 x 42 on Ebay for $20 in 2007, and I thought that was amazing. I gave free shipping and spent $36 to ship it, so I was actually negative $16..but I didnt care at all..I was so happy to sell a large piece. My first sale of art ever was an art card 2.5 x 3.5  inch, and it went for $20 also..that was the beginning of selling over 180 of those little cards..then I realized I wanted to open an Etsy shop and thats how it all began.

Handmade Art Journal Auction

Handmade Art Journal Auction

on my Facebook page on 12 pm January 20th -12 pm January 21st

click Handmade Art Journal Auction to enter and click on “Going”

This auction will include only handmade art journals created in my “Meadori” style with removeable pages made of 90lb and 140lb papers..half of which are painted and/or doodled. Each journal has an original cover created with inks, watercolor and acrylics, and 24 pages. All Bids will begin at $5.00 and increase by increments of $5.00. The auction will continue for 24 hours and the winner of each bid will be the last bid placed by 12pm EST on January 21st. FREE Shipping to all in US
To participate..all you nned to do is click going and on the dates listed go to my page/then click on Posts in the left column/ and in comments section, add your bid, beginning at $5.00…in each post you must look to see what the last bid is and add yours accordingly..the last bid on each journal at 12pm on January 21st wll be the winner of that journal. EnJoY..!