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Handmade Watercolor Palette

Handmade Watercolor Palette

Dollar store finds

So I was on Amazon looking for the perfect watercolor palette. I saw this cute compact flowery one that was just so simple and, well, perfect. So I ordered and forgot to even check if it was prime or not…well 30 days later I finally get it. And believe it or not it was only 7 inches long, that’s another thing I forgot to check..Lol. In the meantime though, I decided to make my own…and this magnificent idea came to me while I was at the dollar store.

I got this airtight container and velcroed 40 mini containers to the base

Each one has their own lid and then the container lid adds a bit more airtight conditions. That is not as important for watercolors, but it will be for my fluid/high flow acrylics, which Ill be making next.


These are some of my new tube watercolor mixed with some of the older cake style, I just love the tube ones. These are Winsor and Newton professional watercolors, and they are affordable and saturated.!

So there is my new palette for home, and it only cost me $6..Wooowzer..!! and now Ill just use the mini for travel..I guess it all worked out:)




Winsor and Newton Tube Watercolors

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Winsor and Newton Tube Watercolors

Winsor and Newton

I just Love Winsor and Newton Watercolors. Ive been using them for the longest time, but have always used the cake type. I had never even tried the tube style, but I just ordered a new Home Aid Flower Palette, (which im waiting on as I didnt order on Prime)so I decided to add some new colors and I chose the tubes to try.  Well they are amazing..!! They are so saturated and have a wonderful consistency.

bird art watercolor robin mead

You can use them more like a paint with less water or  in a transparent way with more water. Either way they are just perfect and amazing for the look I like..Vibrant, Bold , and Joyful.The other great thing is that they are not overpriced or unattainable..but you can get a nice set of 20 for under $100.

watercolor bird art robin mead

rainbow colors colorful art robin mead

watercolor roses handmade journal robin mead


Watercolor and acrylic on paper…which way will I go

Watercolor and acrylic on paper…which way will I go 

waterjust playin around with my paints on top of my cover up paper..not sure which way Im going yet..I have some ideas of gardens and flowers

water1..I still have hard time of proceeding without a plan..that is something I am working on

water2water3standupdesk1standupdeskthis is my stand up I dont have to sit all the time..I love it..I made it myself with a shelf and plywood…my hubs made the sign Robins Way in the background..cuz we all know whos the boss

spraythese are my homemade spray inks acrylic…love them…Golden Liquid acrylic and water..!