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Craft Paint Madness

Craft Paint Madness By Robin Mead

My new class coming out in March 2018..

Early registration is February 1st..details to come

I use craft paint a lot and although it is not used for fine art or archival has an amazing ability to create some awesome  art and it is so versatile and affordable that it allows you to play , practice and explore without worrying about the cost or using up all of your paint. A lot of times I hear people say they have a hard time playing and experimenting because the supplies are so costly..well craft paint offers you all the opportunities to experiment and explore without having to lay out a lot of money  for high quality paint. And  BTW..I have pieces from over 12 years ago that still have the same look as they did  when I created them..using craft paint…So in this course I will share what I do with and create with craft paint..and it is Fun..!