How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 1..week 5

How I created my DLP  from Art To The 5th… Cityscape..Part 1 ..

2015-02-01 13.40.43

city1 I started with a full spread in my journal


…doodle all over the page..I chose flowers and leaves because that is what I love to doodle..but you can choose any marks you enjoy making..lines and swirls, or dots and circles….or faces..or houses  etc…anything you enjoy creating that will make it totally yours..your personal touch..!



then I gathered some gesso and paints..



..and I covered my page with random paints…


..i then took some papers I made with my handmade eraser stamps..and I will use these to cut my building shapes..



..I cut all different shapes..tall and short…wider and thinner..and laid them out in a pattern that I liked..


..I covered some with thin coats of paint..details will come later..



..then I gathered some shades of blue for the sky..


and started to mix and blend the color together..stay tuned for part 2 on Monday..!


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9 thoughts on “How I created my DLP from Art To The 5th ..Cityscape..Part 1..week 5”

  1. Your use of color is so wonderful! I love the whimsical feel of your work & watching this take shape is such fun. Thanks to the DLP, I have found your blog & I will be watching, watching, watching as you create:)

  2. Watching your process makes me want to spend the rest of the morning in my art room playing with my paints. I love the way you start out your journal page with the doodling. I can see where this first step would clear the mind and make it easier to face the blank page. Once you’re in that wonderful frame of mind, the timeless fun begins and there’s no telling what your creative mind will come up with. The steps you take in your art journaling are so creative. I’ve really enjoyed seeing how you do it. Thank you!

  3. Robin – I’m adding you to my bloglovin feed!! I love your process step outs. They are really helpful to a relatively new art journaler. Thanks!!

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