Today is my Blog-Hop for BADASS Journal 2017..Woo Hoo

  1. Today is my Blog-Hop for

BADASS Journal 2017..Woo Hoo

(click on link above to sign -up)

..and look at all the fabulous artists that will be teaching their special techniques..what an amazing line-up..!!


heres a little sneak peek of the lesson Ill be teaching in One Badass Journal..As you all probably know..I just Looove Color…Color ..Color..!!.  Theres just something about using every color in my supply that makes me feel alive, joyful, and filled with creative energy.!!It all started  when I was young growing up in NY and witnessing the colorful landscapes, oceans,  and buildings that screamed gorgeous rich color..!Over the last year I have loosened up a few of my techniques and for this lesson I will bring you my “loosest” style yet..Fingerpainting..Yup I love making fingerpainted gardens and flowers..So all you will need for this lesson is paints..inks and two hands that are ready to get very messy and filled with a rainbow of colors…I hope you enjoy my lesson..:)

here are just a few examples:




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