Just playin with painted pages today..

crazy circles abstract

Just playin with painted pages..

Painting pages for journals

funky flowers fun

These are just some of the styles I create for adding the painted pages to my journals. With each journal, whatever the size, I give the client the option to choose between all blank watercolor pages, or a mix of blank and painted pages. For the painted pages I use Canson 90 lb mixed media paper  and Americana Craft Paint  I usually get them at Walmart for 2 for 1$. I love how the paper feels after it has dried.It makes it thick and a very matte finish which is great for painting on top of..or drawing with a pen marker or paint pens.

The pages are fun to do and I usually create them when I am pondering what I want to do next or if I dont feel like thinking too much and I just want to play with paint.

fast and furious flowers

I also use my treasured eraser stamps which I made years ago but I still love today..

..and then I cut them up to fit each journal


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2 thoughts on “Just playin with painted pages today..”

  1. Oh My Days! These look amazingly vibrant. Look at them when all stacked up? Like the idea of doing these while pondering or just when you don’t feel like thinking. That paper looks like a material, wonder if I can find some here (UK) ~ Amazon perhaps. Tyfs.

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