Craft Paint Masterpiece Robin Mead

Some Pages from my Craft Paint Masterpiece Challenge

Some Pages from my Craft Paint Masterpiece Challenge

I had a 7 day Craft Paint Masterpiece Art Journal Challenge and each day put up a time lapse video making one of these pages..They will all be on my You Tube Here in a few days, some are up already. It was fun and so fabulous to see all of the submissions..I may make a collage of them all for you to see.

For now here are the ones that I created in the videos. It is fun to use craft paint and it is so affordable at 2 for $1 at Walmart. You don’t have to worry about wasting paint while you are exploring and experimenting. Everyone had fun and found out some things about craft paint, and themselves and some of the meditative effects that playing with paint can have.

Craft Paint Masterpiece

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