Fabric Collection 1 by Robin Mead

New Fabric Collection

New Fabric Collection

Fabric Collection for P & B Textiles  for the Fall 2018

Im working on a new Fabric Collection for P & B Textiles that will come out in the fall. These are some of the samples that Ive been working with and 3 have been ok’d already. The first ones are the 3 they like and I need to change the stripes and the darker floral at the end.

Creating this Fabric Collection is fun but I feel like such a newbie in trying to come up with a collection  that works together. I usually just put what I want  where I like it , but doing this kind of design is a bit different for me. I am very intrigued with the process though and am enjoying playing around with different marks and also  using digital effects to get some unique patterns and colors.

So now I need to come yup with 2 more designs to go with the first 3..Im going to get busy tonight and see what I can do..:)

Fabric by Robin Mead

Blue Danube by Robin Mead

Fabric 4 by Robin Mead

Fabric 2 by Robin Mead

Fabric 5 by Robin Mead

Fabric 3 by Robin Mead

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3 thoughts on “New Fabric Collection”

  1. those are stunning Robin. What an exciting endeavor, it’s always hard to jump into something new that you’ve never done but I know you’ll find your way. Smart cookies always figure it out. You go get’em girl.

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