Painted Rocks 3 by Robin Mead

Painted Rock Conversation Piece

Painted Rock Conversation Piece

Robins Painted Rock Centerpiece

Painted Rocks are fun, interesting and  just cool to look at. Dont hide your Painted Rocks.. leave them on your coffee table as a centerpiece and a few paint pens as well This way your guests can join in on the fun and create some cool designs while your chatting and sipping tea, coffee or a martini👍💕❤️

You can also do lots of colors or faces or some even do animals which look amazing. I kind of do it in a relaxing way and just enjoy doodling, but you can go whatever you can imagine. Google Painted Rocks to get a million ideas or even do a search on Pinterest.Painted Rocks 4 by Robin MeadPainted Rocks 2 by Robin MeadPainted Rocks by Robin Mead





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4 thoughts on “Painted Rock Conversation Piece”

  1. I like the fun colorful colors that your art represents like the doodles, line spots come together and with this you make products that attract a different group of people I think kids teens and adults will appreciate your work thank you

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