Almost double yarn crochet granny square afghan

Almost double yarn crochet granny square afghan

This was created with double yarn in the granny square fashion and crocheted together for a very warm and cozy look and feel..I promised it to my oldest daughter for helping me out with stuff…Im hoping I will have it all connected by her birthday February 4th

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10 thoughts on “Almost double yarn crochet granny square afghan”

  1. I’m also interested in how you crocheted them together. I’m tkinking of doing one using scraps of different variegated yarns.

  2. Beautiful afghan! You are talented,indeed. My question: How did you join your squares & can any wool worsted yarn be used? How many squares & how do I block them?

  3. I really must make this..and after a once thru did not see the pattern. Im proficient in granny squares so just need to know what size hook…what yarn or yarns you used especially.

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