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New Mixed Media Art

Hi everyone..Ive been away for a while, packing and moving to Georgia…where the weather is warm and the people are warmer.. just started creating again…and am so happy with my new inspirations..!Ive really just been doodling with my Molowtow Paint pens and sharpies and then adding some Golden fluid acrylics and homeade spray inks ( made from food coloring and rubbing alcohol)…whatever I dont like I gesso over..and begin again..!



5 Responses to New Mixed Media Art

  1. Beautiful! Hope you love Georgia!

  2. I’m glad you’re creating again. I envy your warmer climate. It’s so cold here!
    Love your new painting!

  3. I have a tendency to draw flowers automatically and I’m working on changing that…but I love your flower theme in these pieces and the colors are great.

  4. I’ve been following you on Instagram and just found your website! Hope things are settling down for you and you’re enjoying Georgia! I’m enjoying checking out your posts here! I love love love your art!!!

  5. Hi, I love your art! It makes me so happy 😀 I saw in this post where you use rubbing alcohol and food coloring for spray colors. What ratio do you use? Thanks so much!

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