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About Robin Mead

Robin Mead is an independent, self -representing artist whose works include digital and altered art, acrylic and mixed media paintings and watercolor landscapes and gardens. She also creates wonderful vibrant colored crochet afghans and handmade art journals that infuse her love of color into joyful creations that can be used in the home or given as gifts.

Robin combines her background in the Social Work profession with her love of expressing joy by creating colorful depictions of nature, preferably the ocean, landscapes, flowers and birds. She relies on her intuitive skills and insight to capture the ‘joy’ that she feels, and translate it onto paper, canvas and the digital screen. After attending art school on Long Island, New York in 2003, she began sharing her work in local shows and on the internet by way of websites, blogs and online shops. Robins work can be found in homes around the world as well as album covers, books, and in tutorials for creating art.

Robin also loves to spend time at the ocean or in nature looking for inspiration. She always has a bag of art supplies ready in hand and is usually creating something wherever she goes. Robin lives with her husband of 25 years and spends hours with him and her 2 daughters and her friends, sipping wine and laughing for hours.

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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I am a fellow painter. I just came across your work and love it! I am still learning. I have taken Flora Bowley’s online class and just recently found the world of Doodling. I see you use Golden Paints. I am curious as to how you combine your Doodling with painting? Are you drawing lines with paint brush? Paint pens? Any tips for that and the brilliant color would be much appreciated!

    1. I am also interested in the answer to the question posted above by katie… I love the vivid colors.. The layers look like watercolor… I am very interested as to how you achieved this .?

  2. I would love to take your digital dreams course, coming this June. But I have never used procreate or Corel Psp. Would I be able to understand your classes?

  3. Wow! Just discovered your amazingly detailed, colorful, joyful & beautifully adventurous work. I am an elementary art teacher and was wondering if I could have permission to use an image you created on my blog (giving your web info) as our source of inspiration. I know my kids would love your work. Keep making beautiful things.
    Tabitha Morgan

  4. Hi robin!!!
    I found your mandala painting on Pinterest. And was wondering how much it costs!! Your work is unbelievable and if I don’t get one I’ll be disappointed.
    So beautiful:)!!


  5. Hi Robin – WOW!like thousands before me I love your work. I’m interested in how to combine water color with drawing inks & I understand your blog explore this – great if my laptop worked but do you have a pdf or post I could see? Suzi

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