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DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances..


DLP 2015 Line-Up of Guest Artist Appearances…. and guess what..Im on the list..

It is an Honor and a Joy to have been asked to be a guest artist for the DLP 2015 …and here is the list of all of the other Guest Artists…Wooo Hoo..very exciting indeed..! Thanks so much to the Art to the 5th Team ..You Are Awesome..!


“Technique of the Week” featuring Iris Fritschi-Cussens


Iris is a wonderful Mixed Media artist that shares many wonderful techniques on her You Tube channel. I found Iris by seeing some of her videos on Facebook..and quickly looked up some of her other videos.  She has a gift for sharing new and unique ideas and techniques and I always walk away inspired.

My name is Iris, I am a London-based mixed media artist. I live in the heart of London with my beautiful family (husband, 2 boys & 1 cat).

I am passionate about mixed media art, art journaling and inspiring people to be free to create the way they are meant to create and shine the way they are meant to shine! Self-actualisation & (female) empowerment through art is something very close to my heart and I can talk about it for hours!

My art includes heavily textured backgrounds, bright colours, shabby & grungy elements, uplifting or inspiring phrases, faces & cute girls. (this is always changing as I discover new and exciting techniques and ways of pushing my style forward!)

My site & blog are at

“Technique of the Week” featuring the wonderful and super creative Tammy Garcia of “Daisy Yellow” blog

So I  am so thrilled that Tammy  is the  first artist opening for “Technique of the Week”..Why..? you may could be because of her amazing talent for instilling the creative spirit..or inspiring  you when you cant find your muse….or it could be her  knack for finding just the right prompt ,at just the right time….. Oooor it could be her genius in developing ICAD, so  everyone can join in on the creative fun…
……..but its a bit more than that.. Tammy  doesnt  try to sell you a  glamorous  view of how to become an artist.. she doesnt  promise deep intuitive  secrets of learning how to create …she never implies that she has the answer…but what she does do,  is encourage you to practice, experiment, explore and  define who you want to be as an artist…she  helps you to find your own lines ..and color outside of them…. Thank You Tammy….the world is a more joyful, creative and colorful place  because of you..and Daisy Yellow Blog!
from Tammy on Vimeo.
Thank you for inviting me to share an art journaling technique today. My favorite thing about art journaling? Aside from messing with paint and color and texture and… it doesn’t even need to be in an actual journal! I created this page on the heavy cardboard back of a wire-bound pad of watercolor paper. I hope that you try this easy background technique; it’s a layer of Golden heavy body acrylics that reminds me of the ocean. I went on a treasure hunt through a stack of magazines looking for little bouquets and vases of flowers and made a grid of flowers. Ideas for a gridded page include… blue items, things with patterns, paint chips, hats and blocks of text. Explore your magazines and assorted paper ephemera for fun things to use in your collage. The video tutorial runs about 7 minutes and there’s music, but you can turn it down and just watch if you prefer!
Tammy Garcia
twitter: gypsy999
instagram: gypsy999

Trying my hand at palette knife painting..

Trying my hand at using a palette knife…I really loved it…its fun spreading the paint like frosting , but even more fun seeing the unexpected surprises of the blends you get when combing  colors layered onto each other.  This was my first piece done completely with a palette knife..I’ve tried it on different pieces  as a small part but never the whole piece..I think I’ll be adding a few more..





..”Make Your Mark”..My new Online workshop begins next Saturday march 15th

Make Your Mark


My first Online workshop..!!

This course  #Makeyourmark is a beginner class that will introduce you to line, shape, pattern and color. You do not need any more than a desire to create to take part in this class, oh and some supplies..! There is no right or wrong way to design your own creations, just a love of color and a need to integrate beauty into your life each day. Just have fun and learn a few techniques..dont worry about being perfect, or having to create a masterpiece.  These are just some skills that I love and incporporate into all of my is practice that will make you feel comfortable over time..dont expect to jump in a feel like you should already know what to do..!


Working on some mail art

Mail art is just that..its snail mail that you decorate, create, adorn, design..and it goes in the mail to a lucky recipient…Inside you can add goodies…like more art or papers, tidbits, stencils, stickers, cards, tapes, stamps, glitter..the list is endless….and it is so much fun…giving what you make…and getting from others…it is such a fun and creative way to express yourself and inspire others are a few of my mail art pieces..





photo-5 - Copy










I Love Birds…2 of my new digital collage birds

I Love Birds…2 of my new digital collage birds


birdonawire8x10These were both created using downloaded hand-painted pages, my colorful birds that I have created over the years..and my new Ipad using Procreate…or Ipadart as everyone calls it….it is so much fun…and the results are really interesting..

Paint a bowl of rocks…

Paint a bowl of rocks..painted rocks are fun and pretty..!

what you need  smooth rocks

liquid golden , white and/or colors..andor Pebeo acrylic with fine tip

very fine brush

spray clear chrystal glaze

1. wash rocks

2. paint designs

3. let dry

4. spray with glaze..voila

5. admire

2013-02-21 02.03.18 rocks1 rocksgood

Free Download for all..A new digital collage I made last week

*Free Download for all*..A new digital collage I made last week..just click link and download, print and enjoy

click here

spread your wings1


Creative new etsy shop for digital printable downloads

Creative Downloads new Etsy shop for digital printable downloads….  Ive opened a new Etsy shop just for digital downloads..these can be used in art, crafts, collage cards or any other creative endeavor…you may use these downloads for personal use or for use in the things you sell…Here are a few samples… for any of you interested if you use the word “joyful” in the message section I will give 2 free downloads with the purchase of 1..Thanks so much for stopping by..!

Partybuttrfly Floralhearts Jumble


Digital Art Journaling with Traci Bautista

Digital Art Journaling with Traci Bautista here

..check it out …Traci is giving a Digital Canvas..or Digital Art Journaling workshop online….I would love to do this and maybe some day I will..I really dont have the knowledge to create one of these yet…nor do I have the equipment…I was looking the other day to see if there were any other Digital Art Journalers or Digi Art Creators like myself and I came across this one by Traci..I love both of her books Collage Unleashed and Doodles Unleashed I can imagine how this workshop will be..I dont know if I will be taking it or not but if any of you do I would love to here..its a great bargain too, at $50.00..go check out her blog and the post about Digital Canvas


Begininng creations with Corel PSP …layers, layers, layers….

#1 Open Corel PSP


In upper right hand corner, go to File and open..


open a file that is stored on your computer in one of the folders that holds your art or designs



Open a creation of your choice..I opened this pink and blue background design..


Then open another document that you would like to layer onto the first one..I chose this flower design I had created a while ago…dont forget your old designs will be turned into new creations over and over again


To layer the right click  at the top where the pointer is..(on the one that goes on the top)..hit copy…and then go to the other one and right click in the top and hit paste/paste as transparent section

2013-01-23 14.59.152013-01-23 14.59.26

2013-01-23 14.59.31

2013-01-23 14.59.38

now you have one layered on top of you can   use the “pick” tool, second from on it and then click on “pick”…and this will make mover bars around your top image so you can resize it to cover the whole bottom image.

2013-01-23 on image which makes mover blocks appear and slide them to make image bigger

2013-01-23 15.00.22now top image covers bottom the layering and effects can begin..

2013-01-23 15.00.29now go over to the layers box on the on the arrow where it says normal and a dropdown box appears..the first choice is on that and see your image transform

2013-01-23 go down the list and click each one to see the different effects..”save as ” each one in the file/save as option to a folder on your computer for future use

2013-01-23 I chose “lighten”…some may not be to your liking but I save them anyway for future altering..

2013-01-23 15.01.00the “difference” option…

2013-01-23 15.01.442013-01-23 15.01.53

…so just play around with layers..have fun…save each piece and here for any questions..just comment or email me….Have fun..!..until the next lesson..practice, practice practice..this seems long but when you know each step, it takes only seconds to change..

Essence…A digital collage

Essence…A digital collage

This was created with 2 watercolor pieces of artwork..this one for the base

al111111111111 (175)

and this one which was used for the flowers

bigdelight11111111111..I cut out the flowers and pasted them on the base digitally and played around with the layering tool using light and dark, difference and color saturation..I erased a little of the rough edges while it was still in layer it would just erase the flower edges and not the background..then I went into the effects mode and played with the distortion tool..displacement  in particular and softened the edges more..after I had the image in the composition that I liked I played with color effects..and here are some of my favorite choices

essence essence1 essence11  essence1111 essence11111 essence111111 essence1111111  essence111111111essence2 essence1111 essence2222 essence22222 essence222222

A Mixed Media piece…Good Morning..collage, acrylic, and newsprint on 24 x 36 canvas

A Mixed Media piece…Good Morning..collage, acrylic, and newsprint on 24 x 36 canvas


After the Rain1 ..watercolor, mixed media archival print….available as a 5 x 5 inch note card here on Etsy

After the Rain1 ..watercolor, mixed media  archival print….available as a 5 x 5 inch note card here on Etsy