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Pop Up Auction on my FB page today

Pop Up Auction on my FB page today here: Robin Mead Facebook

..for this 9 x 12 Journal..24 removable pages..blank and painted..bidding is at $25 already and the auction goes until 5PM EST..!! Have Fun..!

Handmade Art Journal Auction

Handmade Art Journal Auction

on my Facebook page on 12 pm January 20th -12 pm January 21st

click Handmade Art Journal Auction to enter and click on “Going”

This auction will include only handmade art journals created in my “Meadori” style with removeable pages made of 90lb and 140lb papers..half of which are painted and/or doodled. Each journal has an original cover created with inks, watercolor and acrylics, and 24 pages. All Bids will begin at $5.00 and increase by increments of $5.00. The auction will continue for 24 hours and the winner of each bid will be the last bid placed by 12pm EST on January 21st. FREE Shipping to all in US
To participate..all you nned to do is click going and on the dates listed go to my page/then click on Posts in the left column/ and in comments section, add your bid, beginning at $5.00…in each post you must look to see what the last bid is and add yours accordingly..the last bid on each journal at 12pm on January 21st wll be the winner of that journal. EnJoY..!

Just a little quick doodle with color

Just a little quick doodle with color..

 …and here it is as the beginning of a fabric pattern

fab2 with a little color in the background added digitally

fabb as a background piece


..and here as the cover of a journal that I will fill with painted and blank pages20160818_185624

My Painted Pages ..simple fun quick

My Painted Pages ..simple fun quick

Jumbo Journal Winner and a little about my new Mead-Ori style journals

Jumbo Journal Winner and a little about my new Mead-Ori style journals

So the winner of the Jumbo Journal is

Diane Scott..Woooo Hooo congrats Diane..!

Soooo….how the Meadori journal came about was I received a request to make some Midori style coloring pages for inserts in the Midori.


I knew what the Midori was and how it worked but never bought one, mainly because I only use handmade journals. So while researching some coloring page inserts..I thought..Wow ..I want to use some of my cut canvas from this piece here for some covers and try my own style

rr I gathered my materials..papers…cut canvas..elastic..and I put together my first Midori style journal.




20150704_150001_resized 20150704_150200_resized


It is actually very easy..I used 9 x 12  watercolor paper, folded in half..1/8 inch elastic for the binding..mixed media  painted pages for colorful inserts..and a few coloring pages to add some interest.  You can add as many or few as you like..and they are easily removed or switched out as you finish a journal page.  I just love this idea, that you can keep rotating..adding a new style of paper, and removing to make room for more. Hence I was thinking of a name for my new journal and Mead-Ori just popped in my head..!!So try making your own..and you can use any paper at all ..whatever you have on hand..and then add new pieces as you get them..!Have fun..!

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