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My studio gets a little crazy at Handmade Holiday Event Time

My studio gets a little crazy at

2017 Handmade Holiday Event

with Stephanie Gagos Curator

Messy Studio


…basically these are just extra pieces that I am just hanging for inspiration. I just put up this line after seeing a cool idea on Pinterest. I need to set it up a bit better but you get the gist.. Lol..During the holiday season I just let everything go..and make sure there is enough space to create..and if not I head to the kitchen. I got in trouble a bit last week bc my “art” was in each room of our home. My husband said.. “Cmon Rob..this isnt fair”..and I had to agree..so I cleaned up the bedroom and kitchen and still need to fix up the living room a bit.

Below are some pics of how it looks when its clean. Its not fancy or huge but I love it and it screams of who I am and what I love around me:0

robin mead studiorobin mead studiorobin mead studio

above is a pic of a cleaner time. years ago…Ive since rearranged everything so I can have a standup and a sit down desk area