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Some weird things I do as an artist..

Some weird things I do as an artist

*I only started using a journal in 2009, I had never used or made one before..above is one of my first pages in my first handmade journal..Lolol..!

*I only use mixed media paper for my palettes..for cleaning my brushes. I dont use glass or any substrate because I dont want to waste any paint, and the papers I can use as backgrounds, collage papers, or journal pages

*I buy only cheapo brushes because I dont clean them or keep them nice..I just leave in the water dish until they are useless, then I buy new ones. The big bag of brushes for like $9.99 at Michaels or on Amazon.I have really good brushes that I dont use.

*I spend money on quality paints and paper because I feel that is most important. I buy bulk canvas and stretch my own canvases, I always have done that unless there is some great sale on canvases, then I buy those too.

*I used to have an obsession with frames and framing my work, now I dont like frames at all and would rather just have it on the wall in a gallery wrapped canvas or white matte.

*I am very bad at commissions. When someone asks me to do one..I get anxiety and obsess for days about it. It almost puts me in a non creative coma, where I can not possibly do the piece that they request, and I usually dont like the outcome.Ill do them but it is rare.

*I used to be so obsessed with line design that I took 2d Design 1 and 2, two times at art school. Now I love it as I incorporate it into all my other projects.

*I started, years ago out only creating art with a fountain pen and india ink,  I did that for years then found that I loved Sharpie, Faber Castel and Sakura, which is what I use now.

*I sold my first huge canvas 36 x 42 on Ebay for $20 in 2007, and I thought that was amazing. I gave free shipping and spent $36 to ship it, so I was actually negative $16..but I didnt care at all..I was so happy to sell a large piece. My first sale of art ever was an art card 2.5 x 3.5  inch, and it went for $20 also..that was the beginning of selling over 180 of those little cards..then I realized I wanted to open an Etsy shop and thats how it all began.

Technique of the Week with Lizzy Wurmann


Todays “Technique of the Week ” Artist is the talented Lizzy Wurmann I havent known Lizzy for a very long time but became so inspired by her wonderful and creative videos on You Tube. Lizzy is a scrapbooking artist and uses a colorful and vibrant palette to create whimsical and unique artwork.  Lizzy also demonstrates amazing  techniques that Ive never seen before. Im so glad Ive gotten to know Lizzy..Enjoy her awesome technique..! Lizzy will also have a photo demonstration on her blog if you do not know what an embossing folder is.  I did not know about what they were or how they are used..but now that I do..Ill be shopping for some..they are a cool and fabulous tool for making designs and textures…so if you are like me, click on over to her blog after the video  to see a little demonstration on how to utilize embossing folders.

Hi , My name is Lizzy and I’m from Santiago, Chile. I’m a mom of three kids. Daniela (30), Valentina (26 and Felipe (21). I’ve been scrapbooking since 2005. I started  as a digital scrapbooker and then I joined many DT’s (Doris Castle, Lawanna Dejardin, Michelle Shevland among others). I was published in Somerset Memories, Somerset Digital Studio, Digital Scrapbooking (CK Media)…

 In 2007 I started with traditional scrapbooking and now a days, I’m trying different techniques and styles and I’m in love with art journal and mixed media. I could say I have a free style,  sometimes quirky or abstract. I LOVE color, it inspires me to create.

 My blog:   http://lizzywurmann.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lizzy.wurmann

Twitter: @LizzyWurmann

Instagram: lizzywurmann

My Gallery: http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=47795

Thanks Robin!


here is a link to embossing folders and many things that can be done with them

Embossing Folders