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Its all about the Base…

Its all about the Base…

So what are you favorite things to paint on..

I used to love canvas..but it has lost its allure for me, I’m not sure why…this is on canvas..and I love how the texture shows through..but I think it is the soft or pliable nature that goes against the need for a very hard surface that I am enjoying painting on now..


I love watercolor paper, either big sheets or little Aceo cards. I love the way it has some strength and rigidity, and how it absorbs so beautifully.



I love painting on mixed media paper as well..I love using a brayer on it and how it has the slightest texture and is not very rigid but flexible.


I love painting on drift wood, with its smooth yet  uneven surface.  I love painting rings around it in colorful bold stripes.

2014-12-06 10.11.54_resized

..but my all time fav is plywood..I love the hard surface..the characteristic grain of the wood..the discrepancies within the grain..the affordability of it..and the large sizes you can buy..also how you can use it for many things..a table top for creating..a coffee table top..a wall hanging or art pieces..or just use it to build things after it is painted..try it with a found piece of plywood..you’ll love it..!


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Polymer tiles on Canvas

These are handmade polymer tiles adhered to an 8 x 10 canvas with Golden Gac 500 and tiny seed beads in the spaces between…the polymer tiles were made using square and rectangle cutters on polymer clay that has been put through a pasta machine several times for conditioning…in some of the tiles I used a rubber stamp for texture and design..afterwards I applyied a layer of Gac 500 over the whole piece…