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Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art

Art Cards, ACEO’s and Small Format Art..that is actually how I got into the business of art, about 8 years ago..I was swapping art cards..both prints and originals and then I saw on Ebay how they were being sold…hundreds a day..so I thought..wow this would be fun and it could really supplement my income and pay for my art supplies..Lolol..little did I know that it would turn into a full business..well not just art cards but selling my creations and starting a business. Never would I have thought that I would make a living or earn money as an artist.  But the truth is..that is how it started for me..with little 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards (either I cut my own from 140 lb watercolor paper) or you can buy from Inchie Arts (they are very high quality and very sturdy..like miniature canvas boards..I love Em).  I love small format art and its easy “takealongability”..and quick turnout..especially for someone like me who gets bored and easliy distracted..i love to change up things daily and that is why small format art is great..here are a few Im working on again…Ive had some request for these and its been a few years since I created any new ones..

2014-12-28 12.28.01

most of the time I just create with ink and watercolor or liquid acrylics..and sometimes watercolor pencils as well..I always need to wear my glasses and sit very close to the table..like about 7 inches from the table top..I do very intricate marks and lately its been a little harder to see these fine lines.. Lol …you can use anything you like to create these..collage, thick paint. pencil..just ink.. Gelli Plate ..markers..etc..so give it a try..and share your pieces on my page at  https://www.facebook.com/RobinMeadDesigns  …I’d love to see what you come up with..maybe we can do a swap if you like..!

here are some from years ago:





ICAD Guest Post… Collage


ICAD 2014

Hey There everyone..So I chose  collage to do for my card today.

…this collage has something in it from my first 10 cards for ICAD..plus a little extra.

It has cut pieces from scraps of other cards,

the paper towel from blotting my watercolor,

a few pieces of inchie,

some stamp leftover,

some line design paper…

some words and some sparkly glitter pieces,

some thread.. paint colors I used in other cards..

and a stamp from a handmade eraser stamp that says ICAD.

Do you know that collage  is very hard for me..that I sometimes avoid it altogether!.

Do you know that I am very uncomfortable making, thinking about , putting together and especially showing to others my collages..

Ive always thought my collages “stink’..and was envious of others doing it so naturally, having fun with it, enjoying rummaging through their stash,

figuring out what goes with what….and then ..having it come out so perfectly spectacular..

Well No More..I am healed from my Collage Affliction..Thanks to ICAD  2014..

I now see the fun in it..the joy of rummaging, the excitement of not knowing how it will look…the  anticipation of  “what can come next..

the pride when I hold the finished piece..and most importantly..the  satisfaction of not having to be perfect,  of making something that may not look good,

of doing something just for the joy of it..of doing something without control..

That is what ‘s great about ICAD. . its a playground for the heart, mind and soul..

its accepting,  its stimulating and its healing..thank you Tammy..!

my name is Robin…

…and  “I Am Artist”

..and I Love my collage..

Organic gardening with acrylic..because I dont have a green thumb..

..but I do have many fingers with paint and glue on them…this is a mixed media collage with papers from my gelli prints and leftover journal pages.  I sold this a couple of months ago and just came across it again in a long lost folder…I wish I had taken better pics of it so as to use the images for other art or journal pieces..I really love how this came out, and may try another similar to it.

2013-04-06 20.35.032013-04-06 20.02.33    True Friendship62013-04-06 20.02.29

Creative Downloads..my new etsy shop for digital printable downloads

Creative Downloads  ..my new Etsy shop for digital printable downloads….  Ive opened a new Etsy shop just for digital downloads..these can be used in art, crafts, collage cards or any other creative endeavor…you may use these downloads for personal use or for use in the things you sell…Here are a few samples… for any of you interested if you use the word “joyful” in the message section I will give 2 free downloads with the purchase of 1..Thanks so much for stopping by..!

Partybuttrfly Floralhearts Jumble


Begininng creations with Corel PSP …layers, layers, layers….

#1 Open Corel PSP


In upper right hand corner, go to File and open..


open a file that is stored on your computer in one of the folders that holds your art or designs



Open a creation of your choice..I opened this pink and blue background design..


Then open another document that you would like to layer onto the first one..I chose this flower design I had created a while ago…dont forget your old designs will be turned into new creations over and over again


To layer the two..you right click  at the top where the pointer is..(on the one that goes on the top)..hit copy…and then go to the other one and right click in the top and hit paste/paste as transparent section

2013-01-23 14.59.152013-01-23 14.59.26

2013-01-23 14.59.31

2013-01-23 14.59.38

now you have one layered on top of another..now you can   use the “pick” tool, second from top..click on it and then click on “pick”…and this will make mover bars around your top image so you can resize it to cover the whole bottom image.

2013-01-23 14.59.46..click on image which makes mover blocks appear and slide them to make image bigger

2013-01-23 15.00.22now top image covers bottom image..now the layering and effects can begin..

2013-01-23 15.00.29now go over to the layers box on the right..click on the arrow where it says normal and a dropdown box appears..the first choice is darken..click on that and see your image transform

2013-01-23 15.00.36..now go down the list and click each one to see the different effects..”save as ” each one in the file/save as option to a folder on your computer for future use

2013-01-23 15.00.49..next I chose “lighten”…some may not be to your liking but I save them anyway for future altering..

2013-01-23 15.01.00the “difference” option…

2013-01-23 15.01.442013-01-23 15.01.53

…so just play around with layers..have fun…save each piece and experiment..im here for any questions..just comment or email me….Have fun..!..until the next lesson..practice, practice practice..this seems long but when you know each step, it takes only seconds to change..

Free 1 month Trial and download for Corel PSP ..paint and photo editor

Free 1 month Trial and download for Corel PSP ..paint and photo editor… the program I use to edit, alter and design my digital collages and altered mixed media pieces.. here  

m5580086_PSPX5_generic_205x211…download now and experiment, play and push your creative limits..I will be preparing a short tutorial for some basic layering and color effects..coming in the next few days..!