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I’ve been totally addicted to crocheting

I think it’s because my art ¬†supplies are still packed up and my yarn bag is easily accessible and simple to just open and use…also to bring with me. ¬†I was looking on Pinterest and found these really pretty creations called freeform crochet…I love that idea…just to start a project with no plan or pattern. Actually I rarely use a pattern unless I am making a garment such as a hat or cowl, but when creating an afghan or small purse or bag..I just begin with an idea..here are a few things I’ve been working on

imageA crochet rug from old tee shirts..so much fun..and looks amazing when finished


..a multi colored rainbow afghan with many different stitches…may keep this one for myself..


freeform crochet purse..actually it is an iPad case


Blue green baby blanket for stroller..message me if you have questions about stitches or design…I’d be glad to help