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I Love Birds…2 of my new digital collage birds

I Love Birds…2 of my new digital collage birds


birdonawire8x10These were both created using downloaded hand-painted pages, my colorful birds that I have created over the years..and my new Ipad using Procreate…or Ipadart as everyone calls it….it is so much fun…and the results are really interesting..

Begininng creations with Corel PSP …layers, layers, layers….

#1 Open Corel PSP


In upper right hand corner, go to File and open..


open a file that is stored on your computer in one of the folders that holds your art or designs



Open a creation of your choice..I opened this pink and blue background design..


Then open another document that you would like to layer onto the first one..I chose this flower design I had created a while ago…dont forget your old designs will be turned into new creations over and over again


To layer the right click  at the top where the pointer is..(on the one that goes on the top)..hit copy…and then go to the other one and right click in the top and hit paste/paste as transparent section

2013-01-23 14.59.152013-01-23 14.59.26

2013-01-23 14.59.31

2013-01-23 14.59.38

now you have one layered on top of you can   use the “pick” tool, second from on it and then click on “pick”…and this will make mover bars around your top image so you can resize it to cover the whole bottom image.

2013-01-23 on image which makes mover blocks appear and slide them to make image bigger

2013-01-23 15.00.22now top image covers bottom the layering and effects can begin..

2013-01-23 15.00.29now go over to the layers box on the on the arrow where it says normal and a dropdown box appears..the first choice is on that and see your image transform

2013-01-23 go down the list and click each one to see the different effects..”save as ” each one in the file/save as option to a folder on your computer for future use

2013-01-23 I chose “lighten”…some may not be to your liking but I save them anyway for future altering..

2013-01-23 15.01.00the “difference” option…

2013-01-23 15.01.442013-01-23 15.01.53

…so just play around with layers..have fun…save each piece and here for any questions..just comment or email me….Have fun..!..until the next lesson..practice, practice practice..this seems long but when you know each step, it takes only seconds to change..

Free 1 month Trial and download for Corel PSP ..paint and photo editor

Free 1 month Trial and download for Corel PSP ..paint and photo editor… the program I use to edit, alter and design my digital collages and altered mixed media pieces.. here  

m5580086_PSPX5_generic_205x211…download now and experiment, play and push your creative limits..I will be preparing a short tutorial for some basic layering and color effects..coming in the next few days..!

Essence…A digital collage

Essence…A digital collage

This was created with 2 watercolor pieces of artwork..this one for the base

al111111111111 (175)

and this one which was used for the flowers

bigdelight11111111111..I cut out the flowers and pasted them on the base digitally and played around with the layering tool using light and dark, difference and color saturation..I erased a little of the rough edges while it was still in layer it would just erase the flower edges and not the background..then I went into the effects mode and played with the distortion tool..displacement  in particular and softened the edges more..after I had the image in the composition that I liked I played with color effects..and here are some of my favorite choices

essence essence1 essence11  essence1111 essence11111 essence111111 essence1111111  essence111111111essence2 essence1111 essence2222 essence22222 essence222222