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Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by

Handmade Art Journal

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal is my newest journal that I finished today.  This journal is created with watercolor  paper for the cover with an original mixed media painting on the front. The painting is made with  acrylic paint and ink. This pretty in pink floral  art journal has removable pages. Remove the pages  to paint on and  then put back in when dry. They are made with watercolor paper and mixed media painted pages. Request more blank pages or painted pages depending on what  you like. I use a mix of both because I get inspired by the painted ones and then want to create on a blank page.

Pink Passion by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Art Journal

Black lines by Robin Mead

You all  know that pink and all shades of pink are my favorite color. They are followed by turquoise, and all other shades of blue. Then I love oranges, purples, greens and yellows.Then of course I love bold black lines as well. All colors are my favorites and lots of them.

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Eraser Stamp Page by Robin MeadPink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Simple binding for your handmade journals

So I love making handmade art journals..but I really dont enjoy any kind of complicated stitching technique..its just not my thing…in other words, I dont love doing it.  Ive tried a few different stitches..the coptic was one  and it took me many times to get it right..I love how it turned out but I guess due to time constraints, I just would rather do a simple stitch..and with all of the journals Ive made..Ive never had one fall apart or even loosen up over the years so ..I am content with this easy pamphlet stitch to keep my handmade journals together forever..Lolol.. You can  add a few extra holes according to the size of your journal..this one is very large..12 x 14..but I just chose the 2 holes for the purpose of the video..and keeping it simple..This journal will be my 2015 Documented Life Journal ..it is made with 140 lb watercolor paper and some heavy cardboard for the covers ..I have a video here on how I made the cover



Im participating in the Documented Life project…Fun and Inspiring..!

The Documented Life Project

One part planner plus one part art journal and one part weekly challenge equals an amazing year of organization, inspiration and community. Join us for the Documented Life Project.

Starting January 1, 2014, we* will issue weekly challenges on ways to use and decorate your planner to make it uniquely yours. Interpret the challenge in any way you desire or be inspired by our artists. Yes, this is free and open to everyone – artists, scrapbookers, calendar keepers, organization lovers, art journalers- yes, YOU!

The *WE: Roben-Marie Roberts Smith, Lorraine Conte Bell, Rae Missigman, Barbara Copeland Moore and Sandi Keene.

So this is fun and I think I will really actually finish a journal/planner this year…because I start one almost every year and never complete it…but when I do..I love going back and looking through what Ive written, special days and what Ive draw or created.  This year my word for the year is Embrace…mainly because my husband and I retired early moved to Georgia .. A place where we can live comfortable and in a more minimalistic style.  We moved from New York…a place that is  on the opposite end of the spectrum regarding minimalist or laid back…We love it here…we bought a small farm, where my older daughter and husband will live… and a property next door where we are building our small but beautiful home.  We will have some chickens, cows and bees and maybe an Alpaca so I can have my own gorgeous wool.  We will also have an organic garden.  This is the most wonderful time to have the word Embrace as my word of the year…Here is a small sample of my Embrace 2014 Documented Life Journal/planner





Some handmade journals Ive made over the last year..all with duck tape binding, and cereal box cardboard

Some handmade journals Ive made over the last year..all with duck tape binding..they are easy and fun..you just use the duck tape as the spine of the book..it easily adheres to the front and back covers and can be sewn threw with a simple stitch.


Nurture all the Life around you ..Joyfully….!..A Journal Page


Nurture all the Life around you ..Joyfully..A Journal Page

Not sure which direction Im going with this..its quite a large journal 12 x 16..I just bought it while I was purchasing gifts from the Michaels gift card my Daughter had given me for Xmas..I love to have a large journal just to play around with as well as my smaller ones that I carry with me..One of my New Years “Promises”..to myself is to actively create every day…no matter what….and now I have a journal in every room..so when the urge sets in its there..also in the car, my purse….here are a few more from this journal

Find the Beauty

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