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a little something Im working on…

a little something Im working on..what will it be..?


..”Make Your Mark”..My new Online workshop begins next Saturday march 15th

Make Your Mark


My first Online workshop..!!

This course  #Makeyourmark is a beginner class that will introduce you to line, shape, pattern and color. You do not need any more than a desire to create to take part in this class, oh and some supplies..! There is no right or wrong way to design your own creations, just a love of color and a need to integrate beauty into your life each day. Just have fun and learn a few techniques..dont worry about being perfect, or having to create a masterpiece.  These are just some skills that I love and incporporate into all of my is practice that will make you feel comfortable over time..dont expect to jump in a feel like you should already know what to do..!


New Abstract series..a mix of paint, ink paper and digital collage

New Abstract series..a mix of paint, ink paper and digital collage  …its kind of like a digital printmaking…using layers upon layers of images and paint and paper…sometimes up to 10  or more layers to create one of a kind abstract pieces that resemble printmaking techniques or lino  prints… or monoprints..

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