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New Fabric Collection

New Fabric Collection

Fabric Collection for P & B Textiles  for the Fall 2018

Im working on a new Fabric Collection for P & B Textiles that will come out in the fall. These are some of the samples that Ive been working with and 3 have been ok’d already. The first ones are the 3 they like and I need to change the stripes and the darker floral at the end.

Creating this Fabric Collection is fun but I feel like such a newbie in trying to come up with a collection  that works together. I usually just put what I want  where I like it , but doing this kind of design is a bit different for me. I am very intrigued with the process though and am enjoying playing around with different marks and also  using digital effects to get some unique patterns and colors.

So now I need to come yup with 2 more designs to go with the first 3..Im going to get busy tonight and see what I can do..:)

Fabric by Robin Mead

Blue Danube by Robin Mead

Fabric 4 by Robin Mead

Fabric 2 by Robin Mead

Fabric 5 by Robin Mead

Fabric 3 by Robin Mead

Mini Journals

Mini Journals

I just finished my next batch of Mini Journals with colorful happy pages

Im on a roll and I have a loaded tape roller, duck tape that is. I use duck tape in all of my journals number 1 because it is strong, number two because it is colorful and I love it.!Today I added some more fluffly ribbons and some plastic bead stuff that my hubby brought me. I just thought I would add a little more pizazz onto these mini Journals. I love the fact that you can carry them in your purse or pocket too.!

The one above is a Medium Journal 7 x 8 inch and is available here , the 2 minis are gone and I will add the landscape one later tonight.


Mini Journals Robin Mead

The two in the front are real minis 4.5 x 6 inches..the one in back left is  7  x 8 inches and the one in top right is 4 x 8 inches.

Mini Journal Colorful pages

4.5 x 6 inches

Mini Journal Robin Mead

4 x 8 inches

Mini Journal Robin Mead



Handmade Watercolor Palette

Handmade Watercolor Palette

Dollar store finds

So I was on Amazon looking for the perfect watercolor palette. I saw this cute compact flowery one that was just so simple and, well, perfect. So I ordered and forgot to even check if it was prime or not…well 30 days later I finally get it. And believe it or not it was only 7 inches long, that’s another thing I forgot to check..Lol. In the meantime though, I decided to make my own…and this magnificent idea came to me while I was at the dollar store.

I got this airtight container and velcroed 40 mini containers to the base

Each one has their own lid and then the container lid adds a bit more airtight conditions. That is not as important for watercolors, but it will be for my fluid/high flow acrylics, which Ill be making next.


These are some of my new tube watercolor mixed with some of the older cake style, I just love the tube ones. These are Winsor and Newton professional watercolors, and they are affordable and saturated.!

So there is my new palette for home, and it only cost me $6..Wooowzer..!! and now Ill just use the mini for travel..I guess it all worked out:)




One BADASS Art Journal 2018

One BADASS Art Journal 2018

The time has Come…Yup..the day you’ve been waiting for…”One Badass Art Journal” is now open for early registration..Woop Woop:)..and im still adding a few details to my class!!and L00k at those awesome faces of all who will be sharing their knowledge, techniques and ideas..!!.Oh the Fun..! Here is your link  to get in on it now..:)

My studio gets a little crazy at Handmade Holiday Event Time

My studio gets a little crazy at

2017 Handmade Holiday Event

with Stephanie Gagos Curator

Messy Studio


…basically these are just extra pieces that I am just hanging for inspiration. I just put up this line after seeing a cool idea on Pinterest. I need to set it up a bit better but you get the gist.. Lol..During the holiday season I just let everything go..and make sure there is enough space to create..and if not I head to the kitchen. I got in trouble a bit last week bc my “art” was in each room of our home. My husband said.. “Cmon Rob..this isnt fair”..and I had to agree..so I cleaned up the bedroom and kitchen and still need to fix up the living room a bit.

Below are some pics of how it looks when its clean. Its not fancy or huge but I love it and it screams of who I am and what I love around me:0

robin mead studiorobin mead studiorobin mead studio

above is a pic of a cleaner time. years ago…Ive since rearranged everything so I can have a standup and a sit down desk area

Winsor and Newton Tube Watercolors

Robin Mead Art, Robin Mead, Colorful Art, Happy Art

Winsor and Newton Tube Watercolors

Winsor and Newton

I just Love Winsor and Newton Watercolors. Ive been using them for the longest time, but have always used the cake type. I had never even tried the tube style, but I just ordered a new Home Aid Flower Palette, (which im waiting on as I didnt order on Prime)so I decided to add some new colors and I chose the tubes to try.  Well they are amazing..!! They are so saturated and have a wonderful consistency.

bird art watercolor robin mead

You can use them more like a paint with less water or  in a transparent way with more water. Either way they are just perfect and amazing for the look I like..Vibrant, Bold , and Joyful.The other great thing is that they are not overpriced or unattainable..but you can get a nice set of 20 for under $100.

watercolor bird art robin mead

rainbow colors colorful art robin mead

watercolor roses handmade journal robin mead


Today Im being Interviewed by my friend Sherry Canino

Today Im being interviewed by my friend Sherry Canino..

My Interview with Sherry Here

Sherry is  wonderful mixed media artist who I met through Instagram at CaninosartisticCafe Her creations are colorful and filled with joy.She is a a member of the Roben Marie Design Team and the Tiare Smith Craetive Team …and you know what that means. right..that she is FabuLoUs..!! Go follow Sherry and  those amazing design teams for a real burst of joy..!

“Wonder” ..My Biggest Journal Ever

“Wonder” ..My Biggest Journal Ever


“Wonder” 18 x 18 inches

Just an Update..here is my new blog and feed..Thanks for following along:)

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Ive had this in my mind for months “Wonder”, my biggest journal ever.. an 18 x 18 inch journal.. filled with 140 lb watercolor paper. These pages are removable so you can take them out, create on them, and add back in when dry. You can also replace or interchange with other paper or even canvas if you like.Sometimes I use brown wrap or white shipping paper too. The cover is created with watercolor ink and acrylic and is called Wonder”This journal will be in The 2017 Handmade Holiday Auction with Stephanie Gagos. Its definitely a conversation piece

The cover..”Wonder” is created on 140 lb watercolor paper, and I used Golden Fluid acrylics, Winsor and Newton watercolors and Liquitex inks. First I drew a rough sketch in pencil, then added permanent ink and continued with light layers of paint until I was able to achieve a saturated look. People always ask me how I get such rich colors with watercolor. The truth is I hardly ever just use one medium. I am always combining acrylic ink and other supplies to get the colors a certain way. I feel too many people give up when their colors don’t come out bold and bright..but that is because they don’t use enough layers, or they dont  use different mediums. This is something that I will be discussing in some upcoming online classes that I will be participating in..Stay Tuned for details.:)