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Handmade Art Journal Auction

Handmade Art Journal Auction

on my Facebook page on 12 pm January 20th -12 pm January 21st

click Handmade Art Journal Auction to enter and click on “Going”

This auction will include only handmade art journals created in my “Meadori” style with removeable pages made of 90lb and 140lb papers..half of which are painted and/or doodled. Each journal has an original cover created with inks, watercolor and acrylics, and 24 pages. All Bids will begin at $5.00 and increase by increments of $5.00. The auction will continue for 24 hours and the winner of each bid will be the last bid placed by 12pm EST on January 21st. FREE Shipping to all in US
To participate..all you nned to do is click going and on the dates listed go to my page/then click on Posts in the left column/ and in comments section, add your bid, beginning at $5.00…in each post you must look to see what the last bid is and add yours accordingly..the last bid on each journal at 12pm on January 21st wll be the winner of that journal. EnJoY..!

TuToRiaL..My “Meadori” style handmade art journals..

TuToRiaL..My “Meadori” style handmade art journals..

step 1..First I fold  9 x 12 sheets of  Canson 140lb watercolor  paper in half..which makes the journal size 9 x 6 inches… and I use a bone folder to crease the edge.  It makes  a very nice fold so the paper lays flat.If you dont have a bone folder you can use a ruler or end of a pen or scissors…I also cut and tear my painted  Canson 98 lb mixed media paper to  add as well.(Here and Here are links to see how I create some of these painted papers) I mix both papers evenly in the journals. You can use any papers you like for your own journals, card stock, copy paper, scrapbook paper, brown wrap, deli paper..etc..






Step 2..I then Pick one of my prints from my original can use an original piece or some print you may have ..or just painted paper or scrapbook paper as well..what ever you would like for your cover is fine.I cut the print  to fit on the cover page which is 9 x 6 inches.


Step 3…Then I take one of the folded 140 lb watercolor papers and cut it on the fold..this give me a front and back cover that I will attach with Duck brand colored Duck Tape ..I like it because it is sturdy and strong.



Step 4…Then I take a colored Duck tape..usually to match the cover in some form..and I duck tape the 2 covers pieces together..on front and back..with a 1/2 inch over lay of tape to paper. I actually do a tiny bit less for the front because I will be sewing on that piece and I dont want to sew over the sticky tape.


..first I do one side…


..fold excess over the top


..then I add on other side and also fold over the top..


..i then press it down and around with my fingers to get a smooth finish..


Step 5..I then take an awl ,which is a sharp pointy tool for making holes and I make two holes at the top and bottom of the duck between the paper covers. I then take elastic that is cut to about double the same length as the papers ..(or 18 inches for the  9 x 12 journal..and 24 inches for the 9 x 12 journal..)and put through the first hole at top, from inside to outside..and then in through the hole next to it..and then pull elastic to the bottom and do the same..tying the elastic together on the inside of covers.You want it to be a little taught but not so it pulls covers together..just taught enough so you have to stretch it to add paper.






Step 6..After the pieces are taped I take my cut print and sew it onto the front can add glue first if you like..but I find that the stitching is enough.I use a zigzag or decorative leaf stitch..if you do not have a sewing machine, you can just adhere with glue or matte medium and press under a book for a few hours to seal and secure it..I just like the look of the stitches as well…or you can hand stitch if you like..that would look awesome as well..!



Step 7..Then I take my folded papers and intersperse them..140 lb, then 98 lb..painted, then blank..and make a stack of 6 papers..which will be 12 pages after folded..and I slip them into the elastic ..I do the same with another stack of papers..After the pages are in I take some colorful ribbons and add to the top piece of elastic..I usually use about 4 pieces of different colored ribbon and fold them over to add some more color interest..and that my friend sis how I make my Meadori Handmade Art  Journals..!










New Piece Available..

New Piece Available Here


..this is called Morning Delight and is now available in my shop  at FineArtAmerica as a Giclee print on many surfaces..including 7  different papers..canvas, metal, acrylic..or on cards, pillows or canvas tote bags

Doodle, Line, Draw, Design..What else would I be doing in my spare time..

As Long as people keep commenting..I am extending the offer to pick another random person every week to receive a watercolor coloring card..!Thank You..!:)

Doodle, Line,  Draw, Design..What else would I be doing in my spare time..

So Ive had so many requests for creative coloring pages and/or cards on 140 lb watercolor it would be possible to paint using water-based media…..Hence.. Im on a mission..a doodling, drawing , designing mission to create about 300 plus original watercolor coloring cards of all sizes..2.5 x 3.5/ 4 x 5/ 4 x 6/ 5 x 7/ and maybe some 8 x 10’s as well..and Im going to give 10 away to the first 10 persons to comment  here on this blog, with the right answer to this question…(please make sure I have your email so I can get your address from you)

What is the name of my coloring book..?




Its all about the Base…

Its all about the Base…

So what are you favorite things to paint on..

I used to love canvas..but it has lost its allure for me, I’m not sure why…this is on canvas..and I love how the texture shows through..but I think it is the soft or pliable nature that goes against the need for a very hard surface that I am enjoying painting on now..


I love watercolor paper, either big sheets or little Aceo cards. I love the way it has some strength and rigidity, and how it absorbs so beautifully.



I love painting on mixed media paper as well..I love using a brayer on it and how it has the slightest texture and is not very rigid but flexible.


I love painting on drift wood, with its smooth yet  uneven surface.  I love painting rings around it in colorful bold stripes.

2014-12-06 10.11.54_resized

..but my all time fav is plywood..I love the hard surface..the characteristic grain of the wood..the discrepancies within the grain..the affordability of it..and the large sizes you can buy..also how you can use it for many things..a table top for creating..a coffee table top..a wall hanging or art pieces..or just use it to build things after it is painted..try it with a found piece of’ll love it..!


2014-11-14 19.35.51_resized

2015-03-30 19.32.57_resized

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