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New Fabric Collection

New Fabric Collection

Fabric Collection for P & B Textiles  for the Fall 2018

Im working on a new Fabric Collection for P & B Textiles that will come out in the fall. These are some of the samples that Ive been working with and 3 have been ok’d already. The first ones are the 3 they like and I need to change the stripes and the darker floral at the end.

Creating this Fabric Collection is fun but I feel like such a newbie in trying to come up with a collection  that works together. I usually just put what I want  where I like it , but doing this kind of design is a bit different for me. I am very intrigued with the process though and am enjoying playing around with different marks and also  using digital effects to get some unique patterns and colors.

So now I need to come yup with 2 more designs to go with the first 3..Im going to get busy tonight and see what I can do..:)

Fabric by Robin Mead

Blue Danube by Robin Mead

Fabric 4 by Robin Mead

Fabric 2 by Robin Mead

Fabric 5 by Robin Mead

Fabric 3 by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by

Handmade Art Journal

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal is my newest journal that I finished today.  This journal is created with watercolor  paper for the cover with an original mixed media painting on the front. The painting is made with  acrylic paint and ink. This pretty in pink floral  art journal has removable pages. Remove the pages  to paint on and  then put back in when dry. They are made with watercolor paper and mixed media painted pages. Request more blank pages or painted pages depending on what  you like. I use a mix of both because I get inspired by the painted ones and then want to create on a blank page.

Pink Passion by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Art Journal

Black lines by Robin Mead

You all  know that pink and all shades of pink are my favorite color. They are followed by turquoise, and all other shades of blue. Then I love oranges, purples, greens and yellows.Then of course I love bold black lines as well. All colors are my favorites and lots of them.

Pink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Pink Passion Eraser Stamp Page by Robin MeadPink Passion Handmade Art Journal by Robin Mead

Alcohol Ink Exploration

Alcohol Ink exploration on wall by Robin Mead

Above, Jamboree Available Here

Alcohol Ink Exploration

For my Alcohol Ink Exploration Ive been playin around and just seeing what I could come up with. Ive been watching and admiring all of the alcohol ink creations, projects and videos..but honestly I never jumped on the bandwagon..for some reason I love to see them but had no interest in creating with them. But I had to buy a batch anyway..and the other day I took them out, some yupo paper, canvas and wood, and this is what I got.

Alcohol Ink Creating by Robin Mead

Alcohol Ink Experiments

Alcohol Ink FrameAlcohol Ink Jamboree by Robin Mead

Some Pages from my Craft Paint Masterpiece Challenge

Some Pages from my Craft Paint Masterpiece Challenge

I had a 7 day Craft Paint Masterpiece Art Journal Challenge and each day put up a time lapse video making one of these pages..They will all be on my You Tube Here in a few days, some are up already. It was fun and so fabulous to see all of the submissions..I may make a collage of them all for you to see.

For now here are the ones that I created in the videos. It is fun to use craft paint and it is so affordable at 2 for $1 at Walmart. You don’t have to worry about wasting paint while you are exploring and experimenting. Everyone had fun and found out some things about craft paint, and themselves and some of the meditative effects that playing with paint can have.

Craft Paint Masterpiece

Craft Paint Madness

Craft Paint Madness By Robin Mead

My new class coming out in March 2018..

Early registration is February 1st..details to come

I use craft paint a lot and although it is not used for fine art or archival pieces..it has an amazing ability to create some awesome  art and it is so versatile and affordable that it allows you to play , practice and explore without worrying about the cost or using up all of your paint. A lot of times I hear people say they have a hard time playing and experimenting because the supplies are so costly..well craft paint offers you all the opportunities to experiment and explore without having to lay out a lot of money  for high quality paint. And  BTW..I have pieces from over 12 years ago that still have the same look as they did  when I created them..using craft paint…So in this course I will share what I do with and create with craft paint..and it is Fun..!

New Handmade Art Journals going into the shop

New Handmade Art Journals going into the shop

New “Meadoris” in the Shop

Well Ive been workin 24/7 to  create some new art journals and here is my first finished batch.. a bunch if different sizes too 9 x 6 9 x 8 9 x 12  and 6 x 7 inch all with removable pages. Stop by my website link above to get yours .