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Winsor and Newton Tube Watercolors

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Winsor and Newton Tube Watercolors

Winsor and Newton

I just Love Winsor and Newton Watercolors. Ive been using them for the longest time, but have always used the cake type. I had never even tried the tube style, but I just ordered a new Home Aid Flower Palette, (which im waiting on as I didnt order on Prime)so I decided to add some new colors and I chose the tubes to try.  Well they are amazing..!! They are so saturated and have a wonderful consistency.

bird art watercolor robin mead

You can use them more like a paint with less water or  in a transparent way with more water. Either way they are just perfect and amazing for the look I like..Vibrant, Bold , and Joyful.The other great thing is that they are not overpriced or unattainable..but you can get a nice set of 20 for under $100.

watercolor bird art robin mead

rainbow colors colorful art robin mead

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