Digital Art Journaling with Traci Bautista

Digital Art Journaling with Traci Bautista here

..check it out …Traci is giving a Digital Canvas..or Digital Art Journaling workshop online….I would love to do this and maybe some day I will..I really dont have the knowledge to create one of these yet…nor do I have the equipment…I was looking the other day to see if there were any other Digital Art Journalers or Digi Art Creators like myself and I came across this one by Traci..I love both of her books Collage Unleashed and Doodles Unleashed I can imagine how this workshop will be..I dont know if I will be taking it or not but if any of you do I would love to here..its a great bargain too, at $50.00..go check out her blog and the post about Digital Canvas


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