Faux Washi tape strips..

Faux Washi tape strips.. I made these faux washi tape stripsĀ  to add to my mixed media collages…I did this by digitally cutting tape like sections out of old art pieces and pasting them in Corel PSP onto a blank 8 x 10 sheet…I will then print them on sticker paper and use in collage or journaling..any editing software can do this..you dont have to have Corel…you just use the cut tool and make the strips as long or wide as you like …and then digitally paste them on a blank sheet that you open in editing software…when using strips you can also print on regular paper and just glue down .. I am printing on sticker paper just because I have it and never use it.

fauxwashi fauxwashi1

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5 thoughts on “Faux Washi tape strips..

  1. I love your journal pages. Do you have a book to sell with these great ideas.really into your cool art.let me know what is for sale?
    Germaine Bouchard

  2. I don’t have a printer that will do color like I would want, I take my stuff to Office Depot to print now. I will have to ask if they will print on sticker paper if I bring it in.

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