My Documented Life Journal

Im so glad I joined this group…it is really making me stay with my 2014 journal…something that I always wanted to do but never have in the past. I dont know exactly what it is, the idea of it..the great  group members or the constant inspiration that keeps popping up in my browser, but all I know is that I love it and have so many ideas to fill my journal with. For my first week I drew a little house in Procreate on I pad because I felt like playing in it and was so tired I had to lay down, here is what I cam up with..not my fav piece of art but I love what it represents…

imageand here are some pics of week 2

doc..this is a pic from New Years eve before we went out to dinner…in an untraditional way..we ate came home, had a huge bonfire with neighbors and set of fireworks which is apparently a big tradition in Georgia..who knew…it was fun…both of my daughters’ hubby and bf were also with us but I used this photo as a family selfie..The spread is not actually what I had in mind ..again..but I like it and I know I will love it years from now when I look back..!..also I think my girls wuill love to have these momentos down the road…a mix of memory and art..!



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One thought on “My Documented Life Journal

  1. Robin – So glad you and your beautiful art are joining us in the Documented Life Project! We are so eager to see your response to the challenges! We know it will be colorful and inspiring. Yay!

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