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These are made with a combination of watercolor and using the computer for digital layering and manipulations. I can also use the Ipad for this sort of creating..which makes it all the more fun as I can create on the go, no mess, in the car, at the office, or while waiting in a Drs office..!

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4 thoughts on “New downloads at

  1. I am one of five art teachers in my building and the only one who still uses journals or sketchbooks. Your work is very creative and inspiring. I am going to use your ideas for inspiration with my Painting II students next semester. Thank you so much for sharing and posting!! I am going to begin to follow your blog!

  2. Are you saying that there is a program/app that can be put in an iPad that can create art that looks like watercolor? Do you have an article with more info about what and how you use an iPad to create artworks?

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