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Paint a bowl of rocks…

Paint a bowl of rocks..painted rocks are fun and pretty..!

what you need  smooth rocks

liquid golden acrylic..black , white and/or colors..andor Pebeo acrylic with fine tip

very fine brush

spray clear chrystal glaze

1. wash rocks

2. paint designs

3. let dry

4. spray with glaze..voila

5. admire

2013-02-21 02.03.18 rocks1 rocksgood

3 Responses to Paint a bowl of rocks…

  1. We’re on the same wave length, yesterday I painted a rock with my whoite souffle pen.
    Love yours!

  2. love this, great idea, I am going to give it a try, I have some smooth river rocks, somewhere in this house

  3. Great ideas.love.thank you.

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