Some new ACEO’s or art cards from last year that I havent finished



I just found these art cards I made last year and have not completed..I was very busy making large scale canvases for my shows and forgot how fun these are to make..they don’t take really long and are a really nice way to be creative every day without the constraints of time or supplies…I am so happy to have come across these so I can bring them with me on appointments or while waiting for others…I have a cute little bag that holds these and my watercolor pencils, sakura gel pens, pitt pens, as well as a waterbrush..a brush that holds water in its handle so you have a constant water supply…Many sell their cards on Ebay..there is a big demand for these as they are affordable and easily displayable in many fun ways

 artcards artcards1 artcards2 artcards3

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One thought on “Some new ACEO’s or art cards from last year that I havent finished

  1. Isn’t it fun to come across something that you created a while ago, but haven’t seen in a long time? What type of waterproof medium do you use to do your drawings on these cards? Where do you purchase a waterbrush? What a great invention.I am also not familiar with pitt pens & sakura gel pens. Could you elaborate more on those?

    I write a blog that has the mission to inspire & nurture creativity in young children. I also teach arts enrichment classes to children. I’m always looking for new information & techniques that I can share with them.

    I love the joyfulness of your work!

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