Watercolor and acrylic on paper…which way will I go

Watercolor and acrylic on paper…which way will I go¬†

waterjust playin around with my paints on top of my cover up paper..not sure which way Im going yet..I have some ideas of gardens and flowers

water1..I still have hard time of proceeding without a plan..that is something I am working on

water2water3standupdesk1standupdeskthis is my stand up desk..so I dont have to sit all the time..I love it..I made it myself with a shelf and plywood…my hubs made the sign Robins Way in the background..cuz we all know whos the boss

spraythese are my homemade spray inks acrylic…love them…Golden Liquid acrylic and water..!

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2 thoughts on “Watercolor and acrylic on paper…which way will I go

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