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Mini Journals

Mini Journals

I just finished my next batch of Mini Journals with colorful happy pages

Im on a roll and I have a loaded tape roller, duck tape that is. I use duck tape in all of my journals number 1 because it is strong, number two because it is colorful and I love it.!Today I added some more fluffly ribbons and some plastic bead stuff that my hubby brought me. I just thought I would add a little more pizazz onto these mini Journals. I love the fact that you can carry them in your purse or pocket too.!

The one above is a Medium Journal 7 x 8 inch and is available here , the 2 minis are gone and I will add the landscape one later tonight.


Mini Journals Robin Mead

The two in the front are real minis 4.5 x 6 inches..the one in back left is  7  x 8 inches and the one in top right is 4 x 8 inches.

Mini Journal Colorful pages

4.5 x 6 inches

Mini Journal Robin Mead

4 x 8 inches

Mini Journal Robin Mead