From NY to GA..would you believe im still not settled in


We moved from New York to Georgia on September 30th..but weve been staying with my daughter and Hubby in the house they bought..our house was being designed and built and we will be moving in sometime soon..hopefully next week..or soon after.  It is all so exciting but the only downfall is that many of my supplies are still in boxes, some that I can access and others that I can not..I cant wait to get into the new house just so I can unload all of the colorful supplies and tools and be able to create non stop…and on a whim.  I am using one of the bedrooms as an art room…Ill share pics when I start the process..and I just cant wait to set up.     Here a few little drawings that Im ready to paint and play around with..cant find the darn watercolor pencils..

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