Organic gardening with acrylic..because I dont have a green thumb..

..but I do have many fingers with paint and glue on them…this is a mixed media collage with papers from my gelli prints and leftover journal pages.  I sold this a couple of months ago and just came across it again in a long lost folder…I wish I had taken better pics of it so as to use the images for other art or journal pieces..I really love how this came out, and may try another similar to it.

2013-04-06 20.35.032013-04-06 20.02.33    True Friendship62013-04-06 20.02.29

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2 thoughts on “Organic gardening with acrylic..because I dont have a green thumb..

  1. Loving your colorful creations! I used to do some mixed media collages and loved it! You make me want to try it again. There is something so personal when you add words to a work of art.
    [Not sure if that’s the correct website address. It’s on Ditzy moi!]

  2. Oh, I’d already written the comment.
    Well, to repeat, I love your colorful work. It’s so personal. You’re inspiring me to want to do mixed media collage again so thanks for that! (not sure if that website address is correct, it’s on though)

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